Kukac: Unleashing the True Potential of AI

Roberto Francisco de Souza, CEO
AI is the next big thing in technology and business. From Google searches to self-driving cars, it’s easy to think how AI can be used in different areas of our lives. Companies are trying to find ways to take advantage of AI and develop new products, but are often unsure how to do so.

Kukac is one of the few companies that has recognized the value of AI and how it can be used to simplify decision-making and solve complex problems. Using the power of AI, it aspires to make life easier for leaders faced with a heap of data and the arduous task of making sense of it all. Unsurprisingly, Kukac’s slogan is “artificial intelligence for life.”

Kukac works extensively with entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. Using its AI technology—powered by IBM WATSON, the market leader in cognitive solutions, as much as open source solutions—it helps them develop organic products, increase yield, and reduce costs. It also supports them in understanding how AI can make their businesses more profitable.

The education sector is another field where Kukac is making waves. Its AI platform, Speck, enables continuous improvement and tracking of a person’s professional and academic development.

“We help people, from the age of 11 to those at the end of their professional career, develop their social and emotional traits,” says Roberto Francisco de Souza, CEO of Kukac. Empowering children in schools and professionals in businesses, it is helping them become more confident, emotionally intelligent, and well-rounded individuals.

Regarding students, most need clarification when they approach a company for a job. The younger population is often unfamiliar with the required skills, work, and expectations, reducing their probability of getting hired. “They don’t know what they don’t know,” adds Francisco de Souza. Speck helps these students by creating a virtual marketplace where they can test their abilities and get all the information regarding the job profile and expectations.
Speck has helped numerous entrepreneurs find suitable jobs and training, especially during the pandemic. Using its technology, Kukac ensured its customers had access to the best information and support.

Kukac excels at finding a solution that seems non-existent. For instance, a couple of years ago, an organization sought Kukac to maintain their street electrical installations. Adopting a traditional approach would have been expensive as it would have required them to hire a technician or a team for the maintenance work. Instead, it found a way to do it more efficiently using AI to detect any electrical faults and accordingly alert the authorities.

From 11 to Those at the end of their Professional Career, We Help People Develop their Social and Emotional Traits

The more industries Kukac explores, the more advanced its AI becomes. Recently, it worked with Nissan to connect with vendors and sell more cars in Brazil. It helped the automotive giant map out the complex network of dealerships and suppliers needed to sell cars in the country.

Using a similar algorithm, the company Kukac also found a way to help builders choose well what to offer their customers so that they find their dream home or office. It's yet another reward for the company that wants to make a difference in the community using its AI technology.

In the future, Kukac will use AI to help businesses understand their future roadmap. One thing that will not change is Kukac’s motivation to help others improve their businesses and lives.


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Roberto Francisco de Souza, CEO

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