Kuma: Reimagining Security, Privacy, and Digital Identity

Raymond Kimble, Founder & CEO
In today’s world where most business aim to go online to maximize outcomes, security, privacy, identity should act as a force multiplier rather than a hindrance. However, most organizations set up firewalls and restrict interactions with external entities fearing breach and loss of brand value. At a time where secure channel for business communication and data flow remains the biggest differentiator, government and commercial firms require knowledgeable and experienced security partners who can help them build cutting-edge identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Coming from the consulting background, Raymond Kimble, felt the dire need to take a fresh approach to fill the knowledge gaps in addressing the IAM challenges faced by the organizations. He established Kuma to provide global consulting services in the IAM, privacy and security space. Today, Kuma works closely with commercial and government organizations to design and implement strong identity posture and privacy and security policies and guides them through the best practices of operating their business in the digital domain.

In the current digitally-driven business ecosystem, CIOs are pressed for time and resources which makes efficient security and privacy management daunting. Data protection policies such as EU’s GDPR and US’ California Consumer Protection Act add to the pressure. Backed by a team of experts who have more than 20 years of experience catering to the government and industries such as banking, Kuma brings the best practices and thought leadership in building foolproof and cost-efficient IAM solutions. Additionally, the company develops policies, performs policy reviews, builds technology-enabled control systems and provides identity and fraud verification services, all in a single package. It follows a systematic approach to ensure organizations have comprehensive and advanced privacy engineering and identity proofing programs designed and implemented based on the industry best practices.

What puts Kuma in a unique position is the ability of its IAM experts to put themselves in the clients’ shoes, understanding their mission, vision, and objectives, and subsequently recommending them the right solution.

By collaborating with Kuma, organizations can easily identify solutions to a majority of their security, privacy and identity needs over the long term

The senior-level resources take an overarching approach to tackle the challenges pertinent to the clients’ privacy, security and identity challenges, thus eliminating the need for them to hire separate teams. “By collaborating with Kuma, organizations can easily identify solutions to a majority of their security, privacy and identity needs over the long term,” says Kimble, Founder & CEO of the company.

Kuma is working with several institutions including large banks and telecommunication providers that are looking at ways to provide creative and innovative solutions to its customers to further strengthen the relationship and build secure communities. For instance, it guides these organizations to take a risk-based approach to understanding the identity information they collect and how to leverage that information to access services from varied verticals including healthcare, retail, and hospitality. Kuma’s clients are leading the way to drive new methods and techniques to secure and position user identity as an enabler to services across the globe.

With innovation in its DNA, Kuma continues to innovate in security, privacy and identity services and has already started rolling out new services and products focused on identity verification and vulnerability management in 2019. These new services not only allow organizations to better protect themselves from data breaches, but also help an organization have a high degree of certainty on who they are doing business with. The firm has drawn an expansion blueprint and forged strategic alliances with its partners to expand the market share in the U.S. “We continue to develop products that influence the identity market and position our clients for success across Europe, Asia and other countries,” concludes Kimble.


Bristow, VA

Raymond Kimble, Founder & CEO

As an Identity and Access Management service provider, Kuma works with organizations to develop and implement identity solutions, as well as provide objective guidance on which identity solutions best fit the clients’ objective. Their experience ranges from solution development, trust framework development, and identity solution implementations that range from registration, authentication, authorization, and attributes. Their partnership with Sekura offers its customers a secure value in the form of verification from Mobile Network Operators. Kuma leverages their deep experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the client’s needs