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Chris Knipper, CEO
It is no longer a show of strength to have hundreds of static web pages, but rather buyers today are demanding easy-to-use websites constantly updated with fresh, insightful content and flawless operation on any sized device,” cites Chris Knipper, CEO ,Kuno Creative. Companies are struggling to stay agile with their web presence to constantly optimize organic traffic and conversions. Buyers desire for websites that provide them personalized web journey—lined with educational content for their vertical, videos and guides that is appealing enough, and displays specific product offerings for their needs. “Though this personalized ride is simple for buyers, it’s complicated for the web developers to strategize and implement,” explains Knipper. Being a fan of outdoor activities like golfing and fishing, the CEO says that updating a website for inbound marketing requires patience and strategy just like these activities. “Just as a good golf swing cannot be forced, or fish to take bait, similarly, success cannot be demanded from a new website until constant valuable content is being created that brings back users to engage with the brand,” says Knipper. As an inbound marketing agency, Kuno Creative helps mid-to large-sized companies connect with their audiences online, convert visitors into leads and move those leads down the sales funnel to customers, through high-quality content hosted on inbound-optimized websites.

“We have expertise in creating and distributing content to generate high-quality leads, with the belief that everything has connection for optimal marketing results,” asserts Knipper. Kuno Creative takes a multichannel approach for this, including inbound and outbound efforts. “We help organizations update their websites, sometimes starting from scratch—digging right into campaigns, often driven by email, search engine and content marketing, and outbound methods, which include social advertising and programmatic marketing tactics,” says Knipper. The escalating demand for personalized websites requires development of big-picture strategy, which includes the determination of clients’ target audiences through your website, awareness, consideration through creative minds and technical knowledge.Once the strategic side is mapped out, the company is assisted by HubSpot—a inbound marketing and sales platform to implement personalized messaging, images, calls to action and landing pages.

We have expertise in creating and distributing content to generate high-quality leads, with the belief that everything has connection for optimal marketing results

Knipper prides that Kuno Creative has an efficient team that understands target audiences, determines their needs in each stage of their specific buying cycles, and creates content to engage them at each level, using the HubSpot technology. “We have aligned our agency to mirror the demands of inbound marketing,” says Knipper. For instance, Green Circle Growers, one of the leading horticultural companies noted high orchid sales in Europe but wanted to develop the same demand from the U.S. market as well. The company partnered with Kuno Creative to implement inbound marketing to educate consumers about orchid care and build brand awareness. The team created a branded website—Just Add Ice Orchids and crafted extensive content to generate leads for channel partners such as Walmart and Home Depot.

Having a customer base across the country and on different continents, Kuno Creative has transformed from a small, local company to a mid-sized agency with a steady 25 percent growth over the past five years. “We plan to continue at this rate and double in size over the next 3-5 years,” exclaims Knipper. To achieve this growth, the company is focused on having customers from technology, healthcare and manufacturing spaces in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, as well as Australia and South America. “We will carry on offering inbound marketing, and web design and development services, constantly pushing the envelope on creativity and technology,” wraps up Knipper.

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Chris Knipper, CEO

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