Kvantum: Redefining Marketing Performance Analytics in New Age

Shilpi Sharma, CEO
“During the inception of Kvantum, in 2011, we observed how difficult it was for marketers to make any real effective timely optimization of their digital media,” expresses Shilpi Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Kvantum. Back then, marketers were shifting their marketing spend on digital channels without any cross-channel performance insight because it was impossible to assess the impact of evolving digital media marketing channels. Additionally, the inability to connect digital activity to operations & business metrics such as return on investment (ROI) obstructed marketers decision making processes. “These factors intrigued me and my co-founder to dig deep into the marketing performance and attribution ecosystem,” says Sharma.

Based on their deep passion for empowering marketers with a more elegant decision making solution supported by sophisticated enterprise-level analytics, Sharma along with Harpreet started Kvantum in 2012. “Today, the company analyzes paid, owned, and earned media across all channels, both traditional and digital, to provide actionable, strategic, and tactical recommendations based on marketer’s data,” adds Sharma. Kvantum began delivering their solution to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail/e-Commerce industry players. In past 2 years, Kvantum has on-boarded more than 20 brands such as Huggies, Cottonelle, U by Kotex, Similac, Hefty, Garden of Life and many more in its clientele.

Connecting the Top Down & Bottom up Decisions

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and digital attribution analysis are closely related approaches that solve the problem of marketing performance in different perspectives. “Kvantum has created an approach, which combines most aspects of typical MMM and digital attribution based analysis such that a single unified methodology can provide marketing performance analytics both in real time as well at the granularity of an ad unit/ placement, keyword, and post or tweet level,” claims Sharma.

Kvantum has developed a cutting-edge marketing science platform based on advanced econometrics, big data, and machine learning techniques that enable sophisticated real-time marketing mix & attribution analysis.
“Not every advertiser needs to optimize the media at user level. We support our clients at any level of granularity that they need to make decisions,” adds Sharma.

Comprehensive Decision Support Platform

Kvantum provides a set of tools that analyze marketing & sales data, model predictive outcomes, build customized interactive dashboards to provide comprehensive and accurate insight into the current marketing strategy of a company. “Some of our clients use Kvantum visualization tool as a starting point for managing and visualizing marketing data. This data management platform then provides a foundation to seamlessly roll out attribution to assess real time marketing performance”, explains Sharma. “Kvantum works closely with its clients and their agency ecosystem to develop data collection and automation routines that enable near real-time decision support for marketers, media planners, senior leadership & CXOs,” adds Sharma.

Bringing Speed and Agility to Marketing Performance

Kvantum’s solution works on it's proprietary ‘Rapid Read’approach, delivering a detailed marketing performance analysis (including sales & volume forecast) to its customers within two weeks of the start of a campaign and continuously tracks the performance of the campaign in real-time thereafter. This ultimately helps marketers optimize spend, exposure, sales, and ROI during the course of a marketing campaign. The types of decisions we support include-selecting the right ad creative, finding an optimal consumer path, identifying the most effective programmatic tactic, shifting money from TV to video etc.

In today’s marketing performance and analytics ecosystem, Kvantum stands out due to its innovation such as – analyzing new & emerging social media, assessing impact of organic social media & PR, and connecting fast moving key performance indicators (KPIs) to business metrics. “We constantly innovate by incorporating latest marketing science research in to our platform and aligning the features to support the large enterprise global brands,” says Sharma.


Fremont, CA

Shilpi Sharma, CEO

A data science driven marketing performance & attribution company that enables agile marketing and consumer analytics through a sophisticated combination of machine learning and econometric modeling