Kyosis: Orchestrating Smarter and Economical Parking Management

Rupesh Patel, Owner
Today’s public enterprises are trying to stay at their competitive best in serving citizens by embracing innovation and increasing their workforce to provide better customer experience to people. Since government and public sector companies are diverse and cater to a vast set of individuals, a bigger employee pool makes perfect sense; subsequently, larger infrastructures are needed to accommodate large populations, be inside the office building or the parking area. Congested facilities only make for inadequate management and frustrated employees, and though valets provide efficient services, they are expensive. Organizations looking for cost-effective solutions for their parking facilities are stuck in a precarious situation. Kyosis—an avant-garde in parking solutions responds to these challenges and then some.

Kyosis automates parking structures with a range of customizable guidance systems through the consolidation of hardware and software acquired from its trusted partners. These hardware manufacturers and installation contractors lay the groundwork for solutions that result in the comprehensive implementation of parking count signs for buildings’ entrances and exits, level and space monitoring and license plate recognition. Kyosis’ various solutions deliver access control, payments, guidance systems, a n d security through surveillance. “We work with an organization’s internal IT and security team to analyze the particular situation and define an acceptable solution; once the ideal solution is determined by the client, we build, implement, and customize the solution accordingly,” says Rupesh Patel, the owner of Kyosis.

Government enterprises which consist of large employee population and are often free to the public present the risk of overcrowding. Kyosis equips such organizations with one of its more economical and practical options— the “Level Guidance System.” A multi-level parking zone that encompasses 500 parking slots with 100 vacancies on each level, the Level Guidance System manages parking skillfully by monitoring cars entering or exiting each level. However, such circumstances do not require the monitoring of individual slots, rather the overall vacancy count is observed, which is displayed on large LED displays in real time.

We work with an organization’s internal IT and security team to analyze the particular situation and define an acceptable solution

Additionally, way finding signs placed near parking structures guide drivers to zones with more vacant slots, and cameras installed inside garages capture the vehicle’s license plate information while it enters a building. Meanwhile, Kyosis’ Pay Stations can process payments with the help of RFID cards and license plate recognition.

Kyosis’ range of intelligent solutions has helped various government institutions in simplifying their complex parking operations. Patel illustrates this with an example of a college campus that feared the chaos of overcrowding and traffic control in parking lots that would require higher costs and labor charges to fix. Additionally, the campus could not be closed during the consolidation, which Kyosis took in stride and hand-delivered a solution tailored to their niche requirements.

Kyosis’ competitive pricing and zeal to undertake smaller projects have not only helped them create a stronghold in the market but have also enabled them to add to the positive experience of their clients. Their customer support has warranted a long-term relationship with various organizations. “Our symbiotic partnerships with the largest software and hardware vendors and installation contractors have enhanced our customers’ expectation with solutions that are simple at its core,” says Patel.

Forging ahead, Kyosis in collaboration with a sensor manufacturer focuses on the design and implementation of a sensor-based solution that is more accurate, can monitor more spaces and is adaptable to parking structures located inside buildings or in an outdoor environment.


South River, NJ

Rupesh Patel, Owner

KYOSIS is a supplier of parking guidance solutions that help in managing and promoting parking facilities. The enterprise’s retrofit facilities with a system of vehicle detection sensors, vacancy status indicators, space availability displays, and way finding signs to attract drivers to the facility and efficiently guide drivers to the level with available space or even to the exact space that’s available. The enterprise also offers placement of facilities on a popular parking-search app, increasing visibility of the facility and allowing drivers to reserve and pay for space as far as their home. Together, this significantly reduces time, energy, and frustration for drivers searching for parking while increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to the facility. For facility owners, the business helps them considerably increase business, significantly improve efficiency, and collect and analyze more relevant data. KYOSIS’s solutions meet the needs of various industries and environments and are customizable to fit practically any budget