Kyrus Solutions: Celebrating 40 Years Of Service From Initial Consultation To Development, Implement

Keith Bradley, CEO
A strong retail point-of-sale (POS) solution is key to being able to successfully interact and service customers in today’s busy, highly competitive retail and grocery market. Kyrus Solutions, based in Greenville, SC, understands the pitfalls and challenges of POS business and can help customers mitigate those risks while maximizing their technology investment. Kyrus helps streamline one’s checkout process, improve shopper satisfaction and make their store a memorable destination.

Kyrus Solutions (previously Agilysys Retail Solutions Group) was recently acquired by Clearlake Capital and has aggressive organic and acquisition plans for the future. Kyrus Solutions can help customers design, build, implement and manage the software, hardware and systems infrastructure which they need to increase their business’ profitability and productivity. The company’s breadth of experience ranges from initial consultation and analysis, to installation and implementation, to onsite and remote monitoring maintenance, software development and help-desk support. Using proven platforms, Kyrus develops tailored, multichannel infrastructures that improve commerce and customer service from the store, to kiosks, to the web.

It offers proven software, hardware, and services for retailers of all sizes and specialties. These solutions streamline operations, improve customer experience and increase loyalty while simultaneously reducing IT costs. And while this may sound like the mission of countless other solutions providers in the market, Kyrus stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. The firm has put its solutions and services to work for regional supermarkets, specialty retail environments, general merchandise retailers and multi-location chains.
Although the company reduces IT costs, it also supplies software, hardware, and services for retailers of all sizes and specialties that streamline operations, improve the customer experience and increase loyalty.

CEO of Kyrus, Keith Bradley states, “We don’t specialize in one segment of the solution. We actually span the breadth of consulting, starting from design to purchase to deployment to maintenance, and finally, to asset disposal.”

It’s this breadth of service, Bradley feels, that is one factor in their continuing success. “Our clients don’t want to do business with fifteen to twenty different providers; they want to limit the number of strategic partners they do business with. By partnering with us, they don’t need to go find five other partners to look after their solution. They can do all of their IT business with Kyrus and not have to go to anyone else.” With more than 250 employees averaging more than 18 years of retail experience, and hundreds of clients benefiting from its solutions, Kyrus partners with clients on a long-term basis.

To grow and thrive successfully, a threefold process is incorporated by Kyrus. Getting bigger through organic investments and acquisitions, focusing on mobility, networking, investigating and incorporating emerging services such as business intelligence, analytics, and Big Data is the key.

By focusing on the comprehensive solutions of their customers’ want and need, Kyrus Solutions will continue evolving with the times and providing up-to-date, proven software, hardware, and services for businesses of all sizes and specialties.

Kyrus Solutions

Greenville, SC

Keith Bradley, CEO

Kyrus Solutions help customers design, build, implement and manage software, hardware and systems infrastructure which is needed to increase business’ profitability.