L3 Technologies [NYSE: LLL]: A Modernized Approach

Michael T. Strianese, Chairman & CEO
The aerospace industry worldwide is continually transforming to keep pace with up-to-date technologies. Meanwhile, several companies are collaborating on a single project resulting in complexity and higher costs for their customers. With a core focus on cost-efficiency, L3 Technologies [NYSE:LLL] delivers integrated solutions for a wide variety of aircraft and ground systems in the global ISR market. Located in 40 states and 29 countries globally, L3 Technologies maintains the capacity to perpetually modify and service aircraft 24/7, hence it is a preferred source for highly customized design, integration, and certification of mission subsystems and interiors for VIP / Head-of-State aircraft.

L3’s aircraft logistics services mainly include modernization and refurbishments, upgrades and sustainment, and maintenance and support for military, government, and commercial customers. “We have been strategically repositioning our portfolio by adding new capabilities that are aligned with our customers’ priorities,” explains Michael T. Strianese, Chairman and CEO. L3T provides tailored solutions based on specific needs of their clients using various independently operated divisions. L3 Aeromet [ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Revision C certified] provides high-technology solutions specializing in EO/IR systems, mission operations, data collection and exploitation, special mission aircraft modification, and systems integration.

L3 Crestview Aerospace is a vertically integrated, one-stop-shop for parts fabrication through end-item aerostructures, and aircraft maintenance and modifications that offer customer-centric relationships with commercial, military, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) customers. Focusing on the defense industry L3 TCS designs, develops, integrates, tests, modifies, and provides documentation for every aspect of aircraft and avionics hardware and software systems to address mission critical needs of the U.S. military’s conventional and special operations forces. It also offers expert engineering, manufacturing, modification, acquisition, logistics, and program office support for the HH-60G, H-53, UH-1N, TH-1H, H-3, and C-130 (C/AC/EC/HC and MC) fleets.
Along with an entourage of numerous specialty divisions, L3 delivers diverse capabilities in the aerospace industry such as airborne and ground-based ISR Systems, Aircraft modification and upgrades, C3ISR support services, complex systems integration, and FORCE ICS. Fulfilling the requirement for aircraft upgrades, L3 Platform Integration division has delivered an upgraded C-130 aircraft to Argentina as part of a U.S. Air Force Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. The delivery was the first of five aircraft scheduled to receive avionics and systems modernization. Under the program, L3 installed new communication, navigation, and air traffic management systems avionics capabilities, as well as a reliability upgrading on critical environmental and power systems to increase mission availability. Several aircrafts are slated to be fitted with special electro-optical equipment to expand the mission role of the Argentine Air Force and allow worldwide operations by providing compliance to current and upcoming Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) regulations.

L3’s aircraft logistics services mainly include modernization and refurbishments, upgrades and sustainment, and maintenance and support for military, government, and commercial customers

Technology-driven L3 is focused on delivering maximum value to all of the stakeholders. L3 has strategically shifted its business target from the US DoD to the international markets and has expanded its international sales by 35 percent to offset declines in the DoD area since 2011. Contributing to international sales growth, L3 is focused on strategic merger, acquisition activities, and product launches that cater to newer markets and customer needs. Following the 3 mantras—agility, innovation, and commitment—L3 leverages the ability to respond and adapt quickly, developing new technologies, ideas, and new ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions for their

L3 Technologies

New York, NY

Michael T. Strianese, Chairman & CEO

Provides products for the global ISR market, cybersecurity, aircraft upgrades and sustainment, and a broad range of electronic systems products, simulation, security, and detection.