L4 Mobile: Transforming the way Interactive Media Works

Mobile apps have become a necessary means for users and advertisers to reach the target audience across boundaries to appeal to them. The increased power, portability, and ubiquitous connectivity of mobile devices are causing a fundamental shift in how people interact with digital content. The interactivity that once was only possible with desktop computers is now in the hands, and can be experienced almost anywhere. Increasingly sophisticated development environments, easy market access through application stores, and widespread device availability are creating new opportunities for a wide range of developers to participate in a global market.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, L4 Mobile is a leader in developing and delivering interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs. The innovative company is led by Keith O'Neill,
Founder & CEO and Bruce James, Founder & President and also has a team representing the best software engineers in the industry and works with some of the most progressive companies.

L4 Mobile provides consulting, design and development services to make sure mobile apps look and feel amazing and work flawlessly, and give clients everything that is needed to get the applications to market quickly. The company offers the application development services necessary to build and manage engagement around a brand. It combines deep mobile engineering excellence with unique media insights to create turn-key mobile and media applications for many of today's top consumer brands, such as Everyday Health, Viacom, Sony Pictures Television, Universal Music to name a few and also for most popular device platforms as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, RIM/Blackberry and the mobile web.

L4 Mobile

A provider of interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs