Label Insight: Transforming Product Data to Power Transparency, Loyalty, and Value

Paul Schaut, CEO
“Disruptions in digital technology are creating a consumer-driven food revolution,” begins Paul Schaut, CEO, Label Insight. As consumers become increasingly sophisticated with their food-purchasing decisions, brands and retailers face an increased demand for transparency in product information— from ingredients to production methods to packaging. “Brands and retailers can improve their bottom line by providing product transparency - from increased brand loyalty and market share,” explains Schaut, “We call this Transparency ROI, and are committed to helping brands unlock long term value with consumers through transparency and trust.”

“The SmartLabel transparency initiative is a game-changer, giving consumers easy access to vital information,” adds Schaut. As the leading SmartLabel solution provider, Chicago based Label Insight transforms basic product information into a rich and complete set of data enabling consumers to understand the why’s, what’s and how’s of the products they’re considering.

Label Insight’s cloud-based data refinery collects a wide range of information from consumer packaged goods including: ingredients, marketing claims, and certifications. Their proprietary technology automatically maps all required data fields for SmartLabel pages, and provides intuitive tools helping brands provide hundreds of voluntary SmartLabel attributes including ingredient descriptions, sourcing and farming practices.

Unilever is leading the industry by providing SmartLabel information for its US brand portfolio including Hellmann’s, Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, and Klondike. Label Insight played a key role by transforming Unilever’s data to become SmartLabel ready for more than 2,000 products. Label Insight helped Unilever digitize the product data directly from their packaging artwork files. Then, using the Label Insight API, published this data to SmartLabel pages for each product, speeding the time to market.

Explaining their technology, Schaut says, “We create and apply 17,000+ attributes per product, and reference a proprietary Ingredient Definition Dictionary containing over 250,000 ingredients, explained in plain language. These attributes and definitions serve as building blocks for a full view of product data that meets varied health, wellness, and sustainability concerns of consumers, and enables rapid success with massive scale for transparency initiatives like SmartLabel.”
The company recently partnered with GS1 to apply their 17,000+ product attributes to GS1’s Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and Global Data Dictionary (GDD). The GDSN is an interconnected network of interoperable data pools enabling companies to exchange synchronized supply chain data with their trading partners using a standard set of definitions and attributes.

Through this partnership, Label Insight will contribute their deep attribution data to the GDD and GDSN, and work with GS1 to enhance the quality and accuracy of GDSN data standards. The partnership stands to dramatically enhance the value and versatility of GDSN for all stakeholders, and will enable Label Insight to seamlessly capture, enrich, and re-publish data directly from GDSN on behalf of CPG and retail customers, including powering SmartLabel pages. “The industry has invested heavily in GS1 and GDSN, and we’re excited to contribute our innovation and data expertise to bring enhancements to the industry,” explains Schaut.

Label Insight also works with retailers to power insights into their product inventory, creating a stronger connection with their customers by enabling personalized merchandising capabilities, including Target’s Made to Matter initiative, where brands were challenged to create products that meet at least one of five healthy criterion. Label Insight helps captures and evaluate products for inclusion in the initiative.

“We believe the power of our technology bears a responsibility to further the advancement of research, learning, and change,” says Schaut, “Through our work with the FDA, the USDA, and academic researchers at major US-based universities, we’re committed to improving access to critical data in support of health and transparency.”

Looking to the future, Schaut cites opportunities to power experiences from IoT, to wearables to digital menus. “We see our data and tools powering smart appliances—customized to users’ diet and preferences, along with direct interfaces with physicians so users, while grocery shopping, stay informed about the best options based on their medical profile. It’s an exciting time to be doing what we’re doing at Label Insight,” concludes Schaut.

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Paul Schaut, CEO

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