Labris Networks: Guaranteeing the Mitigation of DDoS Attacks

Oğuz YILMAZ, CTO & Co-founder
With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated, hackers are adopting new methods of accessing user data, in turn magnifying the number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Additionally, hackers are increasingly targeting the layer seven of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model and it is immensely difficult for the CIOs to mitigate these attacks as they mimic human behavior in user interface. This makes it challenging to separate the DDoS attacks from the normal attack traffic. This is far from capability of clean pipe and scrubbing provided by ISP anti DDoS services. Besides, these attacks also tend to saturate the entire network of the user with malicious traffic, rendering it temporarily obsolete. “With DDoS attacks becoming smarter, our team is helping our clients avert them,” commented Oğuz YILMAZ, CTO, Labris Networks.

The firm’s anti DDoS product, HARPP DDoS Mitigator, built on Deep DDoS Inspection (DDI) technology, helps users to mitigate layer seven attacks by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand the smart attacks of the hackers in a much more effective and application aware way. This approach is also extremely handy while designing the DDoS Mitigation products.

Harpp DDoS Mitigator protects the clients’ network against unpredictable DDoS attacks and ensures business continuity. The advanced engine present in the solution supports both heuristic and non-heuristic algorithms which use data sensor averages and source determination of any abnormal traffic. This facilitates organizations to block potential attack sources and reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Besides, it also improves identification accuracy by determining potential threats prior to an attack. Additionally, the system has 34+ Data sensors which can be customized according the requirements of the clients and bestow them the capacity to determine sophisticated attacks.

Alongside, the company works to monitor the customer’s public services. “If an attack occurs, our DDoS CERT team instantly starts working on ways to resolve it,” explains YILMAZ. He further continues, “We take the responsibility to help customers mitigate risk even after the product installation as a vendor.

With DDoS attacks becoming smarter, our AI based appliance and CERT team help to mitigate them

Alongside, our software service also comes with scheduled managerial reporting functions.” To avoid wasting time during a critical situation, the firm has CERT teams in Europe, Turkey and East Asia, work remotely or on-site to help clients during a DDoS attack.

The appliances that Labris Networks develop are cloud-based and help customers to seamlessly provision the appliances from different cloud providers. The Labris UTM Series Appliances offer unified protection against complicated threats by integrating web, network, and email security. Alongside, Labris Unified Threat Management’s (UTM’s) intelligent solutions simplify the centralized management of local and branch network security while protecting the clients’ important information and communications resources with low TCO. The company also has a 24/7 support center for assisting clients in different aspects like product updates, documents, and similar other things.

In one instance, Labris Networks assisted an NGO in Europe with their services and helped them mitigate DDoS and collateral smoke screened hacking attempts. The customer was used to accepting donations online and in spite of using a Deep Packet Inspection Firewall/ IPS from a reputed brand solution provider; the client was not able to protect itself from the attack. With the help of Labris’s solution, the customer successfully mitigated the risk in a short span of time.

In the future, Labris Networks will enhance its present offerings and come up with more innovative solutions to mitigate DDoS attacks. “We will also carry our products to Data Centers and TELCO segments to meet complete operational program,” concludes YILMAZ.

Labris Networks

Warsaw, Ankara

Oğuz YILMAZ, CTO & Co-founder

Helps users to mitigate smart Layer 7 DDoS attacks

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