Ladingo: A Modular Approach to Selling Global

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Put together a technology connoisseur with a decade of experience in e-commerce/SaaS solutions, a brilliant tax specialist, and a marketing magician who has helped companies escape marketing mediocrity through disruptive technologies. To this, introduce one of the most challenging yet overlooked problems in B2C e-commerce: shipping large courier items internationally. Finally, top it all with a formula that ensures seamless international shipping. The concoction is precisely what forms the essence of Ladingo.

While retailers’ profit is linked to how much—or how little—they spend on shipping, the situation turns grave for them as they look to expand their offering to include international shipping. Worse yet, if they have to make large parcel deliveries. When Hagar Valiano Rips, Guy Levi, and Ruth Reiner came together to establish Ladingo little did they know that they were about to change the face of international large parcel delivery. Their cloud solution, Ladingo connects sellers, online shoppers, and ocean freight forwarders to enable the cheapest way to ship large B2C e-commerce internationally, in addition to small items in a scalable and modular way. “Our robust cloud-based enterprise solution simplifies and automates B2C e-commerce of large items purchased via online stores and shopping carts,” begins Hagar, Co-founder and CEO of Ladingo, “With Ladingo, purchasing large items like furniture, sports goods, or construction materials from overseas becomes as easy as ordering an iPhone.”

Ladingo efficiently harnesses ocean freight forwarding for e-commerce and is building the standards of access in the ocean freight industry. Ladingo’s unique container sharing algorithms virtually consolidate and maximize the container with products of multiple buyers from multiple sellers. A maximized container delivers better profit to the forwarders and retailers without allocating extra resources and also offers the lowest shipping prices for the buyers. “Ladingo is an essential tool for retailers to eliminate the existing barriers in international freight logistics and expand their markets beyond borders,” adds Hagar.

Ladingo automates the operations including pricing, shipping, last mile, and delivery, making it possible for retailers to ship products overseas without having to deal with heavy logistic nuances. It also takes care of all the documentation and regulatory procedures, saving valuable time and money for both forwarders and retailers.

Ladingo easily integrates with any online marketplace and provides the shoppers with the cheapest and best international parcel delivery solution at check-out. After order confirmation, the company’s data-driven technology analyzes the catalog, product package size, and the international HS Codes for products to generate the lowest shipping prize the buyer should pay for delivering the item in the destination country. All that a retailer needs to do is ship the items to the local shipping address provided, and the Ladingo forwarder will take over from there on, enabling retailers to sell products globally while shipping locally, in hassle-free fashion.

Although a very young startup started in early 2018, Ladingo is moving ahead swiftly in the market, thanks to its dynamic team that is eager to deliver innovative solutions. In this short period, the company has also bagged several awards and recognition for its breakthrough technologies and solutions, which speaks volumes about their capabilities. Ladingo is piloting with several retailers in the US and helping them to deliver efficient and convenient overseas shipping of items of all sizes.

Ladingo serves international B2C e-commerce clients in the US, the UK, and Israel and looks forward to expanding their services globally. With the Local Importers Law about to be changed in the quadrant, the company aims to ensure that overseas logistics will not be unheard of, ever. “There is someone who wants to sell, someone who wants to buy, and there is freight which can do it but can’t. We are just connecting the dots, and with this, it’s a win-win for everybody,” concludes Hagar.


Hod Hasharon, Israel

Guy Levi, Co-Founder, CTO, Ruth Reiner, Co-Founder & CMO, Hagar Valiano Rips, CEO

Harness efficient and affordable ocean freight forwarding of both large & small items in the e-commerce landscape