LAKANA: Enterprise Content Management Platforms for Media and Your CDN

Phillip Hyun, President
Phillip Hyun, the President of LAKANA is a sports enthusiast who believes great teams brings out the best in every player—working cohesively and communicating in real-time to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals. Hyun applies the same principles to his organization—an enterprise-class SaaS content management platform and services firm that enables content publishers to successfully operate innovative and engaging digital businesses.

Hyun thinks of Content Delivery Networks (CDN) as an essential technology piece for providing a scalable service. CIO’s in media choose LAKANA’s enterprise SaaS solution because it seamlessly integrates with partner products and services. No partner is as critical to the end-to-end delivery of media as a CDN.

“CIOs are challenged to continually scale while addressing an ever-evolving array of digital needs addressed by a variety of software providers,” says Hyun. He adds, “The CDN must be configured based upon content traffic patterns, which dictates engagement patterns, delivery, and monetization strategies.” To mitigate these challenges, LAKANA ensures that the CDN integration is properly leveraged within the context of the customer’s business, the content management platform, and publishing ecosystem.

While addressing these complexities, LAKANA’s next generation Content Management System (CMS) provides the lowest cost of ownership at the highest level of performance combined with the fastest speed of innovation. The platform’s framework allows front-end sites to be customized by non-developers and also provides full development control with no dependency on LAKANA through its own Software Development Kit (SDK).

LAKANA CMS offers ease of integration with products and services that allow clients to better monetize and engage their audiences.“Today’s media publishers produce thousands of pieces of content each day, which creates a curation challenge around real-time and long form content,” states Hyun. LAKANA’s Local Media Suite includes solutions such as News and Content’s 24/7 news desk, Elections Hub for live elections data, and Message Hub for real-time alerts.
All of these serve to increase the amount of content, deepen engagement, and improve overall financial performance.

“Change is constant and it’s difficult for even the most sophisticated media companies to keep up with technology and innovation. After all, their primary business is generating great content and selling advertising. Our platform is only one part of our total solution for publishers. These related products and services are essential ingredients in helping our customers stay on top of innovations, compete, and grow,” expressed Hyun.

We remove the pain of keeping up with costly, complex and everchanging technologies; while continually introducing new products and revenue innovation into our ecosystem

LAKANA’s Design and Content Studio helps create best-in-class user experiences and the Ad Operations team offers revenue intelligence and operations support including yield and programmatic management, ad operations, and trafficking.

LAKANA’s clients include U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and brands including The Hollywood Reporter, Hearst Television and both E.W. Scripps, newspapers and broadcast stations.

LAKANA’s platform is flexible enough to be configured to meet its client’s unique needs. Clients can chose solutions that are fully managed and supported by in-house teams or can mount their own development efforts, extend the platform and customize to their unique needs by leveraging LAKANA’s APIs and SDK.

LAKANA platform currently reaches 196 user per month. With its success in powering local broadcast media sites in the U.S. LAKANA is looking forward to expanding its operations around the globe in the coming months.


St. Paul, MN

Phillip Hyun, President

The company provides an enterprise-class platform, solutions and services to aid media companies in various content management operations.