Lakes Environmental Software: Averting Pollution Risks through Technology

Dr. Jesse L. Thé, Founder & CEO, Michael A. Johnson, Director of Software Development
Air pollution and the resulting adverse health effects it causes have moved beyond the realm of debate. Scientists, across the globe, have already established the complex cause and effect mechanisms, allowing them to reach a consensus that significant steps must be taken to lower the wide-spread and harmful effects that air pollution is causing. Owing to such developments, various regulatory agencies are also taking additional steps to improve air quality. For these programs to succeed, organizations and agencies must consider environmental risks in their decision-making process and optimize the findings to guide the enterprise planning process. That said, businesses that adopt technology-based enterprise risk management frameworks will certainly have a competitive edge and unleash the business potential that has remained untapped. Working along the same lines, Lakes Environmental Software equips consulting companies, industries, government agencies, and academia with robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software that cover five major categories of air quality. Recognized internationally for its extensive expertise in the realm of environmental science, the Ontario based company has been assisting major organizations to mitigate environmental risks since 1995 and enjoys the status of world leader in this niche market.

Assessing and analyzing environmental risks is an intricate process as it requires expertise in the areas of emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, ambient air monitoring, human health risk assessment, GIS mapping interactions, as well as thorough mitigation strategies to thwart the risk detected. While regulatory authorities have set limits intended to improve air quality, organizations still exceed these limits causing further health impacts and resulting in millions of dollars in penalties and in the most serious cases criminal charges. Due to such factors, most organizations are in dire need of a full-blown environment risk management solution that assists them in lessening the risks involved Lakes Environmental Software’s Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS Cloud) comes to the aid in such scenarios. “By implementing our Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS), organizations can identify the contributing risk factors, put in place effective mitigation strategies, and thereby avoid all enforcement actions and penalties saving millions of dollars each year,” says Jesse L. Thé, Founder and CEO, Lakes Environmental Software.

Lakes Environmental Software has been assisting major organizations to mitigate environmental risks since 1995 and enjoys the status of world leader in this niche market

Aside from industrial organizations, Lakes Environmental Software also caters to regulatory agencies and assists them in navigating the environmental risk conundrum. For instance, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), which is responsible for managing and administering regulatory programs for the entire state of Minnesota, started using environmental risk management in the early 2000s. There was a wide range of issues facing the regulatory authority such as monitoring thousands of emission sources, mobile sources, and public transportation over a vast geographical area. However, MPCA’s early technology adoption has enabled them to conduct state-of-the-art and wide-scale human health risk assessments for the entire state. MPCA carries out risk-based prioritization, ensuring that the adamant air pollutants are addressed first, protecting a huge number of people, in the process. Armed with Lakes Environmental’s AQMIS technology, MPCA provides maximum benefit to human health and the environment from the constrained budget the regulatory organization receives.

The road ahead for Lakes Environmental Software looks promising, and the firm envisions strengthening its R&D faculty. The technologists of the firm always have a keen eye for detecting disruptive trends in the market. It was because of such vision that Lakes Environmental Software optimized cloud computing early in 2010, which enhanced their product suite. In the coming years, Lakes Environmental Software endeavors to improve its solutions portfolio through a research-oriented methodology. “Our business strategy in the past has allowed us to thwart competition and we intend to further extend through early adoptions of disruptive technologies such as the use of neural net processing in our air quality forecasting solutions and many others,” says Michael A. Johnson, Director of Software Development, Lakes Environmental Software.

Lakes Environmental Software

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Dr. Jesse L. Thé, Founder & CEO, Michael A. Johnson, Director of Software Development

Provider of robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia

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