Lanner: Predictive Simulation for Enhanced Business Practices

David Jones, CEO
Businesses today have to take complex and difficult business decisions due to fierce competitions, changing markets, more diverse customer demands, and higher service levels. With the incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses are driven to try different operating models which encapsulate data analytics and connectivity. Houston-based Lanner uses predictive simulation to simplify the complexity by generating digital emulations of company business models to provide future state data and interpret analytical processes with interactive visual tools. The company assists decision-makers and analysts understand their business processes, data and the processes that affect each other, to ultimately affect the business’ future.

Lanner deals with a number of industry verticals right from aerospace, automotive, defense, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, to logistics and supply chain.
Lanner tests all the ‘what-if’ scenarios fully by simulating the outcomes and analyzing them before companies commit time and money. The firm uses predictive simulation to provide robust, data-led insights to companies so that the risks they face and the level of exposure are visible to them. The use of simulation also allows business propositions to be articulated accurately, making it quick and easy to attain the approval of stakeholders and investors.

Lanner also offers desktop software called WITNESS Horizon for professional feature rich models and simulation application development. Its next offering is, a web service that offers scalable performance for experimentation and simulation applications. Lanner provides WITNESS training courses for its clients to get the most out of the software. Offering both private and public training courses, Lanner ensures that clients can maximize their simulation and modeling capabilities.


Houston, TX

David Jones, CEO

Provides simulation solutions for a variety of industrial verticals by generating digital emulations