Lanvera: Setting New Standards in Document Outsourcing

Organizations are demanding to encapsulate cost efficiency of records management systems and improve accessibility of documents while meeting the increasingly challenging compliance and regulatory requirements.

These concerns are reflected in the needs of document management administrators and professionals. Headquartered in Coppell, TX, Lanvera, a document outsourcing company address these concerns with solutions that focus on production, delivery and archiving of secure customer communications.

Lanvera targets companies that have a huge client-base and face various challenges in maintaining their individual documents including invoices, statements, tax forms, collection letters and other business critical documents. “We service by industry verticals, such as, banking and lending, healthcare, telecom, property management, energy and utilities. Basically we deal with anybody, who has a document interface with their customers,” says Mike Chasteen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Lanvera. The company’s core strength lies in its ability to start with any existing customer file, then design, compose, create and produce quality, customer-friendly documents. Lanvera then routes the documents to any delivery channel such as print and mail, and electronic platforms including smartphones and tablets.

In addition to document outsourcing for its customer base, Lanvera’s suite of services range from document design and processing, full color printing, postage optimization, intelligent insertion, and paperless documents. The company generates millions of statements, invoices, notices and letters each month for a variety of industries. The Lanvera Platform, one of the company’s main offering, has transformation software and design tools that allows acceptance of any existing file format from any system. The automated platform allows Lanvera’s customers to build a document once and deliver it to all delivery channels, eliminating redundancy and maintenance between document production entities.
The company also has a self-service portal. “Our portal allows customers to customize their document format and incorporate personalized marketing messages for their client base,” says Chasteen. The Lanvera customer portal is designed for online communication between the company and the customers including marketing insert and message set-up, proofing and releasing, real time job status, e-statement administration and detailed audit reports. “The big savings in the outsourcing business comes from workflow and design–not necessarily the lowest unit costs,” says Chasteen.

Lanvera has great clientele tied to its name. One of the company’s clients owns over 150 clubs wanted to streamline their entire document generation and distribution. The client was processing monthly statements, newsletter and calendars at the individual club level. Using Lanvera’s technology, the client was able to streamline the document management for all 150 clubs by bringing them into one. “We process monthly statements, handle newsletters and calendars for each club individually. Each club still has access to our portal and campaigns to be fully self-served, besides financial savings, a more personal relationship with their members was the ultimate gain by client,” says Chasteen.

In its three decades of existence, Lanvera has transformed itself from being a traditional business into a technology outsourcing company. “The biggest challenge is managing the capacity with the right level of technology, infrastructure, and people, and be able to run an efficient business on the day. We are a technology company that delivers print mail and performs print management,” says Chasteen. Going forward, Lanvera looks at investing further into new technologies. “We want to continue to improve ourselves through servicing customers in the portal and also initiate technology advancements, to be ready for the near future,” concludes Chasteen.


Coppell, TX

John Baldridge, CEO

A document outsourcing and technology company specializing in the production, delivery and archiving of customer communications.