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David Bonnette, CEO
The globalized business models of today require companies to spend a huge amount of money on meetings, events and travel. Often, companies lack transparency into the cost, the return and the time it takes to manage these programs. “If this were a line item on an income statement it would be one of the single largest expenses in the company,” says David Bonnette, CEO at Lanyon. To help companies manage these investments, there is a need for meetings, events and travel software that provides a holistic view of the entire program, customer engagements, and business data that they enable. Headquartered in Dallas and founded in 1984, Lanyon is an innovative software company that provides cloud-based software for corporate meetings, events and travel. Lanyon brings together some of the industry’s best-in-class software to create a unique offering that provides customers with all of their solutions from one partner. “Our software powers some of the world’s largest business events, major technology conferences, runs strategic meetings programs for both small and large companies, and enables the world’s premier hotel chains to capture and manage demand at their venues,” says Bonnette.

Lanyon runs meetings for some of the world’s best known companies and powers over 80 percent of the Fortune 100. This achievement is made possible by their Smart Events Cloud which provides the tools and intelligence needed to automate manual tasks, better engage customers, reduce costs and grow revenue. This solution creates and manages simple events or large conferences, boosts attendee engagement with a mobile app and helps saves money on global meeting programs. The company’s Smart Hotel Cloud is a solution to manage both group and transient business for the hospitality industry. By connecting hotels and venue suppliers with corporate buyers it helps generate more business in two of the most lucrative sectors of hotel business.

The Smart Hotel Cloud helps automate key processes while putting client properties in front of corporate travel buyers through intelligent marketing.

Through our Smart Events Cloud™ and Smart Hotel Cloud™, we offer organizations and hotels the ability to better engage their customers, reduce costs and grow revenue

With content management, global distribution systems (GDS) access, and new sales opportunities, Lanyon connects clients to thousands of corporations—to secure new accounts, boost bookings, and better serve existing clients. The company’s Content Management Solutions help hoteliers publish and track hotel content to all distribution partners. “Instead of in putting the information multiple times, enter it once and let Lanyon publish content to multiple channels,” asserts Bonnette. This in turn helps create customizable property profiles, tailor GDS messages, and access in-depth reports of published entries. At the same time, it helps drive demand for premium rooms and services. By leveraging Lanyon Proximity Report, clients are able to see which corporations are soliciting business in their area. To quantify the results and determine the ROI of their solutions, Lanyon worked with an independent researcher Hobson & Company. “A study on our customers revealed that an average company witnesses a three-year ROI of 448 percent,” claims Bonnette. “In line with our ‘better together’ philosophy, we’ve brought industries together and created a transparent online marketplace. Our goal is to help keep hotels and venues at peak capacity 365 days a year”says Bonnette. “We will continue to deliver industry-leading products and expertise that provide organizations with the best opportunities to grow their business,” concludes Bonnette.

Lanyon Solutions Inc

Dallas, TX

David Bonnette, CEO

Lanyon is an industry-leading provider of software solutions for corporate meetings, events and travel programs.