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Steven Robb, President
On starting his journey at LaSalle Solutions in 2004 as the VP and GM, Steven Robb—a seasoned veteran of software solution development— envisioned a bright yet uncertain future within an ever-changing marketplace. While automation and API integration were still in their infancy in this sphere, Robb and his team at LaSalle Solutions were ahead of the curve in helping customers manage their assets and contracts. From their roots in lease financing to expanded value-added reselling solutions and enhanced information management, LaSalle Solutions was changing the way businesses collect, manage and utilize technology data.

Since embarking on the mission to help customers better manage their technology information about 18 years ago, LaSalle has grown into an industry leader, delivering complete technology lifecycle solutions to minimize risk and improve ROI.

“Having weathered the changes and evolution of the marketplace, we realized that contract management is no longer just about an asset—it’s about managing software, licenses, and all other aspects of the technology lifecycle, with reliable data and actionable information that enables customers to make informed decisions for better outcomes,” says Robb, President, Solutions Group, LaSalle Solutions.

The cornerstone of LaSalle’s exceptional information management services is LAMPTM, the company’s industry-leading cloud-based platform that streamlines processes for auditing, managing, and disseminating technology information across the enterprise.

“The process begins by collecting a multitude of contract data across multiple locations, storing the information in one place, and using that data to bring value to our customers,” states Robb.

LAMP aggregates technology information from multiple manufacturers in a single location, ensuring bona fide contracts management, complete visibility of asset lifecycles, and impactful reporting capabilities. LAMP seamlessly integrates with existing customer and manufacturer systems through custom APIs and automations to help fill any data or process gaps. This empowers customers to utilize the insights gleaned from the captured data to ensure accurate contracts and service levels, reducing costs.

Having weathered the changes and evolution of the marketplace, we realized that contract management is no longer just about an asset—it’s about managing software, licenses, and all other aspects of the technology lifecycle

“Our customers can access asset data for their complete technology lifecycle,” explains Robb. “From the time their equipment becomes ready for service to the software’s last update, we give our customers the complete lifecycle visibility they need to proactively manage their asset data.”

From retailers, technology firms, and banks to big-box stores, automakers, and consumer goods firms, LaSalle Solutions serves a wide spectrum of customers across the world. For example, one of LaSalle Solutions’ customers in the food, beverage and snacks industry was faced with the challenge of managing over 100 different types of contracts under a single manufacturer. LaSalle Solutions’ team audited the customer’s infrastructure to verify contract information and eliminate any discrepancies, driving efficiency and cost reduction in the customer’s contract management process. After integrating LaSalle’s LAMP platform into their existing infrastructure, the customer gained complete visibility into their contract information, realizing they only required seven different service levels for the contracts.

In its upcoming fifth iteration of LAMP, LaSalle Solutions strives to further enhance the way customers manage their technology lifecycles with a continued commitment to customer service. “We are constantly fine-tuning our contract management platform to empower customers to make apt business decisions and stay ahead of the market,” concludes Robb.

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Steven Robb, President

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