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Julian McGrath, Managing Director
Managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) within the context of an organization-wide records management program facilitates a number of corporate goals—risk management, corporate governance, compliance with regulations and less-disruptive legal discovery efforts. However, today CIOs and their IT professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to identify and produce relevant ESI to their lawyers and industry regulators. This is often due to the large volume of data these organizations hold and increasingly the CIOs need assistance in the search and review of data stored in proprietary or specialist systems. “We have developed processes that prepare terabytes of data for legal review. Our consultants assist the clients and their counsel through the process of evidence review and we provide these services 24/7 every day of the year,” says Julian McGrath, Managing Director of Law In Order. Established in 1999, the company offers end to end document and digital solutions to the legal industry across Asia Pacific alongside professional development sessions to their clients, introducing new topics and technologies on a regular basis.

According to McGrath, the document review process is the most costly part of any dispute resolution or regulatory matter where often legal teams have to review thousands of documents, finding very few which are relevant to the matter. “We offer online document review solutions that employ sophisticated search techniques and data analytics combined with machine learning techniques. This allows legal teams to identify relevant documents based on textual content with a high level of accuracy, drastically reducing the volume of non-relevant documents,” adds McGrath.

The company’s processing and review tools allow lawyers to gain a high level indication of the data set, to inform their end-client about time and cost during initial discussions. The data can then be easily interrogated, using date range-culling, keyword searching and technical de-duplication, removing countless hours of labor associated with a traditional approach to review. Once a dataset has been refined, with the guidance of Law In Order’s consulting team, the user can develop innovative workflows to streamline the document review and decision making process.

Our online document review solutions employ sophisticated search techniques and data analytics to reduce the volume of non-relevant documents

“This makes briefing counsel, preparing statements, providing advice and preparing for trial infinitely easier,” affirms McGrath.

The firm’s solution portfolio also includes a suite of eTrial tools consisting of court presentation and transcription management through to remote witness management and webcasting. “We developed a collection of tools that allow for the seamless management of the eTrial environment across all required aspects allowing our clients the opportunity to engage one provider knowing that the necessary integrations are in place,” says McGrath.

Recently, Law In Order was engaged by a boutique law firm in Brisbane to assist them with a complex litigation involving a number of parties and large volume of documents being processed by a small legal team. The company was brought in to process and analyse the 70,000 odd documents, removing the irrelevant files from the dataset. Upon implementing Law In Order’s preferred online review tool Relativity, the review process was faster by considering documents in groups rather than individually. After culling, the team ultimately managed to reduce the documents down to approximately 200 relevant files, which resulted in the project being completed within the timeframe and well under budget.

Law In Order pictures itself a few years down the lane as a huge influencer in the Asia Pacific region and starting offices in Europe and U.S. “More teams will be working onsite with our clients and further expansion of cloud services and a breaking down of data borders will continue to drive Law In Order’s success,” concludes McGrath.

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Julian McGrath, Managing Director

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