Leading2Lean: Real-time Manufacturing Execution System

Keith Barr, President & CEO
A plethora of operational challenges are being faced by manufacturers today. Achieving some form of efficiency to compete globally isn’t just a goal, it’s a necessity. This includes challenges in lowering labor cost, choosing between off-shoring and on-shoring, and simply overcoming production interruptions and anomalies on the plant floor. “The universal requisite for manufacturers to compete globally is driving the need to reduce the cost of labor dramatically without compromising on the product quality,” points out Keith Barr, President and CEO, Leading2Lean.

Leading2Lean, a NV-based manufacturing operations management service provider offers unparalleled expertise in solutions for real-time visibility and detection of abnormalities. CloudDISPATCH is the company’s flagship platform and serves the multiple-purpose of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Quality Management System (QMS) and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This real-time execution system captures and quantifies any abnormality impacting production to allow for creative problem solving as well as just-in-time information to plant floor teams in the task. CloudDISPATCH, a fully managed global SaaS solution captures the behavior of the workers in real-time for comprehensive reporting on production performance, operational availability, and aligns workforce behaviors to the right priorities and engages them to do problem solving. Leveraging human capital to own and drive improvements has provided significant bottom line benefits and created the culture for employees to feel real value.

The platform has separate engines running on the real-time execution platform; production management, product traceability/Genealogy, quality management, document management, comprehensive reporting, and maintenance management. All engines provide real-time execution methods to the workforce to enable faster response, assurance of standards and knowledge during the work with manufacturing-specific workflows and analytics.

Further, the company believes in leveraging their extensive experience implementing to bring the best practices.

Our customers perceive us as an extension of their team as we have molded our business model around their success

The largest share of the new opportunities for the firm comes from their existing clients who are often benchmarked due to their significant improvements in operational excellence and work culture.“Our customers perceive us as an extension of their team as we have molded our business model around their success,” iterates Barr.

One example includes Autoliv, a tier 2 auto safety product supplier for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) decided to deploy the CloudDISPATCH platform globally in over 90 of its manufacturing facilities. The platform helped the client drive their philosophy of “one product one process” to ensure consistent delivery of their products to their customers while achieving their own targets of lower labor minutes per unit and improved product quality to achieve a significantly reduced cost of product. Implementing the CloudDISPATCH platform provided Autoliv more visibility and a path to engage their human capital in resolving abnormalities, driving waste out of their business, and achieving continuous improvement cultures at every one of their plants globally.

Leading2Lean focuses on turning passion into profit by engaging the workforce in a way that drives them to be passionate about their jobs and contribute significantly to the business.The firm has leveraged this human engagement methodology throughout their manufacturing operation management solution and is continually extending the CloudDISPATCH platform. The effects of the firm’s solutions can be observed in how they transform the work-floor culture to drive the engagement levels of the employees on an exceptional scale as well as the bottom line results their customers are achieving. “To us, it is a great win because having our customers achieve operational excellence is our goal and making the environment better for employees is a never ending quest as well,” concludes Barr.


Wellington, NV

Keith Barr, President & CEO

Provider of Manufacturing Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing Processes, and Cloud based Visual Management Solutions