Lean Logistics: Redefining Transportation Management and Supply Chain Services

Present day trade operations are evolving at an overwhelming pace and most of the current technology providers have to innovate tirelessly to be on par with an ever increasing demand in the logistics landscape. Out of all the technical innovations that have helped various industries, logistics is one of the most integral factions of managing business activities offering predictive analytics, tracking inventories, monitoring shipments, and storage. However, the current market complexities hinder supply chain activities of most organizations. Moreover, a steady decline in overall freight demand has resulted in significant macroeconomic pressures for carriers to cut down their rates. With a significant rise in globalization, it has become very important for companies to ship products quickly to maximize profits. LeanLogistics— a global solution provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) for transportation management and supply chain services helps address the common issues in the logistics landscape. “LeanLogistics’s Transport Management System minimizes risk for customers while providing them with insightful supply chain visibility in all markets,” says Dan Dershem, President, LeanLogistics.

Headquartered in Holland, MI, the company offers improved supply chain management systems, real-time data analytics, centralized control over transportation processes, and a scalable platform for quick adaptation. LeanLogistics’ flagship product, LeanTMS, a SaaS-based transportation management System, provides complete procurement, planning, execution, and settlement transportation functions. The LeanTMS uses a multi-tenant architecture which gives users the opportunity to operate from single software. This centrally located software is highly secure and presents noteworthy benefits over on-premise logistics management software or hosted supply chain solutions. In addition, the LeanLogistics Transportation Network empowers companies to improve overall supply chain management in a collaborative environment. “The members of Network TMS leverage technologies through a common platform enabling more opportunity for collaborative shipping and tracking operations,” explains Dershem. Another software solution, LeanFleet— a fleet management solution that helps companies with private or dedicated fleets in further optimizing their transport processes.LeanFleet allows shippers and their carriers to manage all aspects of their transportation, providing visibility into street-level routing as well as automatic route consolidation functionality.
LeanTMS has helped companies like Dannon, Ace Hardware, and Hostess in reducing costs and improving business processes.For Instance, Ashley Furniture Industries, a well-known retailer of furniture, realized the need for changing their retail buying patterns as a result of the increased methods of shopping and high customer expectations. The firm faced problems in attaining supply chain visibility that reduced their operational efficiency. After setting up LeanLogistics’ Lean TMS, Ashley Furniture Industries gained visibility to all aspects of their transportation network and allowed them to increase efficiency and reduce additional costs.

We offer an efficient Transport Management System that minimizes risk for customers while providing them with insightful supply chain visibility in all markets

Through their distinct services in the field of logistics, LeanLogsitics has managed to revolutionize the traditional methods and replaced it with a true SaaS solution that facilitates quick uniform upgrades, increased flexibility in harmony with changing business requirements. Furthermore the companies also benefit from data mining, benchmarking, and analytics to drive greater value in supply chain processes. LeanLogistics delivers improvement in business process outsourcing that cannot be obtained through traditional transportation partnerships.

Moving ahead, LeanLogistics is planning to expand their existing transportation network and further optimize their fleet management solutions. Moreover, the company’s latest improvisation, LeanTMS Mobile, permits network carriers to gain mobile access within the LeanLogistics network, letting clients track their shipments and inventories from any part of the world through their mobile devices.

Lean Logistics


Dan Dershem, President, LeanLogistics

Provider of improved supply chain management systems,real-time data analytics, centralized control over transportation processes and a scalable platform for quick adaptation.