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Corey Hynes, CEO
For CIOs today, retraining the workforce while sharpening their expertise in tune to the rapidly evolving technology landscape—especially on the cloud services and DevOps fronts—is a major challenge. Not only do the learners demand a personalized learning experience, but the CIOs also need to maximize the effectiveness of these learning programs. The need of the hour is a training approach that leverages the synergistic combination of AI, data science, and assessment to provide every learner with a unique experience. With the goal of ensuring that all hands-on lab-based experiences come with a performance-based assessment component that provides real-time feedback to the learner and deep, meaningful data to the organization, Florida-based Learn on Demand Systems holistically addresses these requirements. Through its activity-based assessment engine, Learn on Demand Systems evaluates, in real time, the changes that a learner makes to a live environment—whether it be a virtual machine, a Docker container, or an Azure- or AWS-based Cloud Slice. “These evaluations, along with the ability to change the flow of the learning experience based on the results of the tasks the learner performs, allow for the creation of very highly customized and efficient hands-on experiences,” explains Corey Hynes, CEO at Learn on Demand Systems.

By allowing learners to “try it and fail” in a safe, repeatable environment, Learn on Demand Systems’ IT Pro Challenges enable organizations to quickly and effectively identify the true deficiencies in a learner’s skill set and design a learning plan to specifically address them. When using IT Pro Challenges, learners choose between three difficulty levels based on their perceived proficiency. They quickly discover where they fall short. This effective form of skills validation enables clients to offer highly targeted learning experiences that reduce the time, money and effort required to maintain a skill set that is in line with the pace of change found in cloud and cloud services. Clients can also use IT Pro Challenges as a tool to evaluate the skills of IT candidates during the hiring process.

Whatever the learning phase, Learn on Demand Systems is focused on providing highly engaging experiences for learners. The company’s platform provides IDLx technology, which is a language that enables learning material authors to provide deep personalization of documentation, guidance, and instructions. IDLx is deeply integrated with the learning platform and enables facets of the live learning environment, such as unique account names, deployed resource properties, and even PII (where available), to be surfaced in documents, scoring logic, scripts, and code.

At its core, Learn on Demand Systems is focused on enabling clients to provide hands-on learning experiences that help users retain what they’ve learned.
Considering the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which orders cognitive skills hierarchically and provides a framework to help educators and learners evaluate the effectiveness of training and subsequent assessments, the company targets the upper layers of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Those are the layers beyond simply remembering and understanding something. They are the layers in which learners operate at a higher cognitive level and are required to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create work in real time. “That’s where learning sticks,” says Hynes.

Our evaluations, along with the ability to change the flow of the learning experience, enable the creation of very highly customized and efficient hands-on experiences

Added to that is the ability to, in real time, assess whether that work met the stated objectives and goals. Hynes explains, “Activity-based assessment is a huge step forward in providing real-time performance-based assessment to hands-on learning environments across cloud, datacenter and container platforms.” In fact, he says, “This toolset is being leveraged today in Microsoft’s certification program. With the new performance-based testing (PBT) item type, candidates for certification exams must perform real work on real systems in real time, and then have that work evaluated for correctness.”

What differentiates Learn on Demand Systems is its ability to service the entire education life-cycle. Further, the company creates deep partnerships with learning organizations and builds capabilities to address a rapidly evolving learning ecosystem. Having carved a unique niche for itself, Learn on Demand Systems’ roadmap is centered around expanding its delivery fabric and the ability to validate work done on those fabrics. At present, the company has built support for virtual machines on Azure, AWS, Hyper-V, and VMware, support for Docker-based containers on Linux, and support for Azure and AWS subscription-based Cloud Slice. The company can provision and score Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365, and it will be adding support for Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud this year.

Learn on Demand Systems also plans to expand its scoring engines to include any language that the authors understand, and introduce the ability for AI-driven conditional progression in scoring. “We see a rapid shift in learning toward just enough, just-in-time learning, with real-time assessment and validation of live hands-on environments,” Hynes concludes.

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Learn on Demand Systems Collaborates with Credly to Launch Digital Credentialing Program for In-Demand Tech Skills

LAS VEGAS: Learn on Demand Systems, developer of hands-on learning technology used by top tech firms, including Microsoft, to build engaging and effective learning programs, announced the launch of a new digital credential program. With the company's digital credentials, learners can earn and share their validated skills to connect with career pathways and learning opportunities.

"With the integration of digital credentials into our IT Pro Challenges, learners can now digitally validate the skills they demonstrate through our challenges and receive tangible benefits of their hard work to encourage them to continue their learning," said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. "Our partners know that digital credentials can be a powerful way to engage and motivate learning, while capturing critical data that enables organizations to quantify and close skills gaps."

Now, learners who complete Learn on Demand Systems IT Pro Challenges earn digital credentials recognizing their skills in a variety of in-demand topic areas such as cybersecurity and cloud computing, as well as essential platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS. Once earned, credentials are hosted on Credly's Acclaim platform, which allows individuals to share their workforce skills online through professional and social networks. By creating a digital record of skills and accomplishments, Credly enables employers to track and understand where skills exist across the enterprise, while identifying skill gaps in real time.

"As technology transforms nearly every facet of the labor market, IT professionals are under constant pressure to demonstrate mastery of new skills in order to remain competitive," said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. "Learn on Demand Systems' digital credentials foster a seamless transition from skill development to workforce recognition, allowing employers to better identify talent and giving professionals a secure, portable, and trusted means to communicate what they know and can do."

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Corey Hynes, CEO and Chris Sears, Chief Technology Officer, Ben Watson, Chief Product Officer, Linde Skinner, Chief Operating Officer and Laura Faughtenberry, Director of Marketing

Learn on Demand Systems empowers organizations to accelerate technology learning through hands-on experience and skills validation. One of the global leader in hands-on live learning, the company recognizes the challenges companies face to create and maintain engaging labs, workshops, courses and assessments that make technical concepts tangible across the globe. To address these challenges, the company offer a suite of products and services to develop, manage and deliver effective hands-on training, assessments and validation

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