Learning Library Inc. (LLI): Cost-Effective Content Delivery Models

Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO
Soon after North America’s one of the first eLearning initiatives was launched, for Sabine Steinbrecher, who worked on the project, its success meant only one thing: the logical course of education’s future was heading toward a truly digital paradigm. This direction gave her a head-start to lay the cornerstone for Learning Library Inc. (LLI) and 20 years later, today, the company stands to deliver high-quality online education for education providers and other academic associations. For these organizations that are enroute to building new or converting existing classrooms to enable eLearning courses, offering customized content online has been both a challenge and a strain at several levels, as it is expensive and a time-consuming task. Addressing these challenges, LLI offers plug-and-play education platforms and practical solutions that support a company’s strategic plan of providing custom content and programs online at reduced cost and expedited timelines.

“We focus on building tools and services to help our clients successfully deliver integrated, affordable, reliable, and interactive learning solutions that develop knowledge and assist the growth of both the individuals and the organization,” states Sabine, Founder and CEO, LLI. The firm centralizes the entire library of eLearning—including exams, webinars, classroom events, coaching, books, and more—under one single platform ensuring ease-of-use for educators and students. The integrated learning management system (iLMS DirectorTM) includes optional modules in key areas such as authoring, accreditation/compliance, eCommerce, live training and scheduling, sponsorship, and rewards programs,” adds Sabine.

Through this interactive, relevant, and engaging learning content, organizations serving academicians and professionals can quickly and affordably support the creation, delivery, and marketing of certifications, CE credits and professional development courses, and exams online. In addition, “we have built our business development model to find more and better ways to serve our clients’ needs through technology, automation, flexible design, pricing and customization, for helping them and their learners become more successful,” asserts Sabine.

“One of our unique features is the distribution service, where clients submit their content to our master list—allowing any customer to utilize any of that content in their own catalog—significantly improving revenue, visibility, and saving time,” says Sabine.

We are constantly innovating in the areas of marketing, communication, loyalty/ rewards, conversion, sponsorships, and affiliate programs to automate, subsidize, communicate/ distribute and improve user experience, adoption and completion

Recently, LLI helped Air Canada, an airline company that wanted to implement a new certification program that supports travel agents around the world in understanding the Air Canada product and brand better to serve the travelers. Challenging because of country, audience, language, and distribution hurdles; the client needed an effective content delivery model that countered bottlenecks in distribution and barriers of geography and language. LLI developed a distribution model that provided Air Canada’s partners, access to the certification course via a network of public and private eCampus portals. To top it off, the platform also included a rewards program and several other APIs to facilitate a seamless learning experience for the agents.

Forging ahead, the firm is constantly innovating in the areas of marketing, communication, loyalty/ rewards, conversion, sponsorships, and affiliate programs to automate, subsidize, communicate/distribute and improve user experience, adoption and completion. Developing along with new tools for data, analytics, reporting, and research to support learning strategies and more and more API development along with data tagging and categorization to provide a unique learning path and catalog at the learner level. “We have recently rebuilt and launched iLMS DirectorTM V10 and have more plans in the pipeline for automating tools and metrics that will facilitate greater communication, conversion, and completion strategies,” concludes Sabine.

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Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO

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