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Tom Sonntag, CEO
The challenge of language training in the business environment is the variety of communication demands emerging in companies in terms of language, communication skill, and topics. Language can often be the main barrier for a company interacting with global customers and business partners. From negotiation to leadership of international teams, many companies record failures in international business due to the lack of intercultural knowledge and language skills.

The downside of international connectiveness is that it is a time-consuming and complex task to train and develop departments to meet demands on a global scale.

To help corporations boost their productivity Learnship provides global full-service language training to corporations. Their unique market solutions offer a broad range of high-quality and flexible training format, enabling employees to unleash their potential through learning as soon as possible.

Training processes; from employee information, onboarding, training administration, reporting, to billing are organized centrally via a proprietary training-management-system, where training is configured with the client’s business processes.

Learnship offers businesses many choices and handles language and intercultural training efficiently with globally uniform training standards from a single source. With this approach Learnship teaches employees of more than 2,000 companies with 900+ trainers.

Learnship is a recognized innovator and quality leader in teaching business languages to global organizations and their employees online. With proprietary technology delivering 14+ languages to more than 25,000 learners, Learnship is revolutionizing the way languages are being learned. As a language training provider, Learnship has specialized in individual face-to-face online training and developed its own live-teaching-training format; which includes a highly interactive pedagogical approach, a flexible scheduling system and a 100 percent course accompanying self-study program. Learnship can connect the best certified trainers with students around the world. Learnship’s training format is considered as the first real substitute for classical classroom training.

The virtual Learnship classroom has been designed with language training in mind and won the Brandon Hall Technology Award Gold Medal in 2016. The Learnship classroom offers a motivating learning environment for efficient face-to-face training; trainers meet their students in groups or one-on-one to teach them with highly interactive classroom materials.

Learnship’s foundation is based on quality, availability, and effectiveness of online training. It delivers general and business-oriented language learning as well as specific, tailored content to customers in all types of industries. It includes highly specific programs for individuals that are relocating as well as providing executive coaching and intercultural training. Its platform can also be used for employee consultation, webinars, virtual meetings and for sharing and preparing material and homework.

Learnship’s training platform, relevant content, and flexible pedagogical approach ensures optimum language training& coaching for enterprises

“Learnship’s comprehensive training platform enables us to configure and roll-out global training solutions so clients have their own options to ensure optimum language training results for enterprises,” says Tom Sonntag, CEO of Learnship. “We manage all language training, our own and those of our partners, centrally. For our clients Bertelsmann [Random House] and Puma, we provide face-to-face online and onsite training to their employees, including onsite partners with our training administration and quality assurance. We even aid our clients with the change management process to digitalize their training. Our flexible technology enables us to extend analog training formats and smoothly transform them or combine them as blended-learning formats. This increases quality, efficiency, flexibility and reduces costs and efforts”.

Learnship has been a valued training partner to a wide array of leading organizations across the globe, including Nike, Amazon, Bayer and Volvo. Dennis Forman, Head of Function, and Individual Campus at Bertelsmann said, “We are pleased with all aspects of Learnship’s business solution. The response from people participating in training is extremely positive. Alongside the high quality of the training and the clearly increased flexibility of lessons, our employees are simply delighted by this new and modern form of learning. Learnship is by far the best long-distance learning option we know of!”

Learnship aims to widen its solution portfolio by introducing an intercultural coaching product, since language and culture are closely related aspects of human interactions. They are also focused on developing analytics solutions to better understand learner behavior and experience and tailor the training sessions accordingly. “For outstanding results, we will broaden our language portfolio as well as deliver better insights to the clients by analyzing the data from each learner,” concludes Sonntag.


Chicago, IL

Tom Sonntag, CEO

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