LeaseWeb: Cost-Effective CDN Services on a High-End Architecture

Julien Lehmann, Manager
Today, the demand for CDNs has flooded the market with a myriad of content delivery solutions. CDN providers are attempting to win over CIOs by offering feature-filled products at competitive prices. However, to reduce costs, CDN companies often have to compromise on the quality of the solution offered, which eventually leads to unsatisfied customers. LeaseWeb CDN, a provider based in the Netherlands, employs an innovative strategy to deliver a feature-rich offering without sacrificing on product quality or affordability. “Our content delivery solutions focus on innovation and performance at a fraction of the cost of other CDNs.” says Julien Lehmann, Manager, LeaseWeb CDN.

LeaseWeb’s service offerings include dedicated servers/bare metal, colocation services, cloud hosting, content delivery networks, and hybrid solutions for clients. For CDN services, open-source technology is used to keep the costs down, while SSDs (Solid State Drive) improve data handling speeds, both of which are key elements to delivering the best performance.

Being a major player in the CDN landscape, the firm’s services are bolstered with strategically placed SuperPoPs—high volume and high bandwidth service hubs or Point Of Presence—that feature the latest optimization techniques to deliver quick response times. These intelligent PoPs are able to control content behavior, and are backed by robust security features like secure token URLs, geo blocking, whitelisting, and hot-linking protection, all of which is accessible via REST API and leverages a 5Tbps global network. This technology ensures LeaseWeb CDN ranks among the most advanced CDNs currently on the market. The secure and streamlined platform can also be augmented with advanced reporting and analytics services that offer a full view on bandwidth usage, demographics, logs, hit ratios, and other audience-related information to clients.
In one instance, LeaseWeb helped a Portugal-based software client create an android app store to distribute applications globally. The customer was unable to handle the large volumes of data traffic it received with their small infrastructure. However, after partnering with LeaseWeb, the client was able to use LeaseWeb CDN to offload the traffic by 99.5 percent. This helped the company rely on the CDN services to take the load off, while delivering the content to their end-user without making changes in their existing infrastructure.

“Our content delivery solutions focus on innovation and performance at a fraction of the cost of other CDNs”

By taking client feedback into account, LeaseWeb understands the challenges and needs of their clients. This feedback is used to develop solutions that are incorporated in the products LeaseWeb offers. “We also look at what our competition provides and we try to deliver it in a more simple and cost-effective manner,” says Julien Lehmann. The firm’s team of innovators designs and develops the services and security measures that are incorporated into LeaseWeb CDNs offerings.

For the future, LeaseWeb plans on strengthening their presence around the globe by adding infrastructure in Asia and South America to augment their existing networks. The firm also plans to help more clients migrate easily to a hybrid model, enabling the use of LeaseWeb’s cloud services, colocation facilities, and other features simultaneously. On the CDN front, efforts are underway to innovate security services, again at a fraction of the cost of the competition yet with top-of-the-line features.


Luttenbergweg, Amsterdam

Julien Lehmann, Manager

Provides public cloud servers, private clouds, bare metal servers, colocation and CDN services on a low-latency, blended global network with over 5Tbps of capacity.