LeedsSource: Taking the Product Management Approach for Salesforce Implementation

Ari Leeds, CEO
Data has become an integral part of every business as it helps overcome analytical challenges. The reason for this growing importance of data is simple. More information means more accurate analysis, which allows businesses to make better decisions for their growth and success.

It doesn’t come as a surprise when executives aspire to chase this unseen opportunity to enhance their operational efficiency and bottom-line effectiveness. This persuasion, however, comes at the cost of spoiling the end-user experience. Organizations often ask their employees —managed through systems like Salesforce—to fill out long and tedious forms that leave an indelible stain on their experience. LeedsSource is helping corporations improve the employee/ end-user experience by automating the data collection, validation, and enrichment process to ensure that their end users are not burdened with manual processes.

LeedsSource is known for its Salesforce expertise and quick implementation of the platform. It always views itself as a customer-centric company as it prefers to take onsite tours, talk to the clients and understand their needs.

For Salesforce users, the company brings an opportunity to manage data collection and user experience simultaneously. “We bridge this gap to make sure executives and leaders can get the data they need without compromising the end-user experience,” says Ari Leeds, CEO of LeedsSource. The company achieves this by generating data from the actions of users. For instance, when they sign a deal using a Salesforce solution, LeedsSource can automatically log and timestamp all of their actions without any manual intervention.

With LeedsSource’s solutions, quality data is generated and captured at every step of a user’s journey. They don’t have to fill out forms or follow standard operating procedures. This creates a viable atmosphere where user adoption is high, and the chances of human error at data entry are minimal.

Using the data generated by users’ actions, executives can identify trends and behavioral patterns that can be used to make strategic decisions. When an organization lacks the experience to use data, LeedsSource offers Salesforce consulting services to assist them. The consultation is to “help decision makers make decisions” by purchasing the Salesforce application that addresses their needs, projects ROI, and evaluates what practices to implement for growth and scale.
The Salesforce environment is quite different from traditional enterprise software setups. Focusing on its implementation to reap maximum benefits, LeedsSource adopts a “product management approach” where each task is treated as a business challenge, not a technical specification. This outlook involves making improvements and iterations using end-user feedback. At the same time, organizations get acquainted with user experience and develop a deeper understanding of their audience.

Talking about the development side, LeedsSource provides a full spectrum of Salesforce services to help organizations connect better with their customers. It differs from the traditional practice of integrating software and configuring some complicated codes. The company provides consulting, customization, setup, and implementation services for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Salesforce Experience Cloud, while offering the end-users an omnichannel, mobile-friendly experience.

We bridge this gap to make sure executives and leaders can get the data they need without compromising the end-user experience

With LeedsSource as a Salesforce partner, implementation and development go hand-in-hand. So, if a client intends to perform data migration from one system to another, re-platforming, adoption, digital transformation, or heavy custom engineering, the company can perform implementation while keeping the client’s end goal in mind. The company’s implementation methodology is based on Salesforce best practices and guidelines. For instance, it follows a strict set of rules for data migration. This ensures that the client’s data is protected, properly configured and maintained as part of a centralized environment.

LeedsSource has also built a “shared resource model” where it provides an internal resource, which the client’s can use as their own. This prevents them from hiring a Salesforce administrator, which can be quite expensive, especially in big cities. Moreover, their requirement is also limited. Using this model, customers don’t have to spend time and money on an outside resource. They can just avail this service and have a consultant on their site to keep an eye on the environment and help onboard and off-board users.

The company’s purpose behind using this strategy is to help customers access full-range of services. Taking such interest in a client’s journey keeps LeedsSource going and forging strong relationships.


Norwood, MA

Ari Leeds, CEO

LeedsSource provides Salesforce guidance, configuration, custom development, integration, and data services to businesses