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Ben Johnson, CTO
Compliance is a big aspect of establishing a successful enterprise or business. If overlooked, it can lead to many problems down the line, once the organization has been established. This complex process revolves around Secretary of State filings, which is an industry problem that is not well addressed. With unique requirements in every state, organizations often do not have the time to go through the necessary information and requirements to obtain licenses to be compliant in the states they want to run their business in. Legalinc is a provider of automated Registered Agent, Compliance, and Entity Management services for top law and tax practices. The organization automates many common legal services so that organizations do not need to hire additional personnel to meet the legal requirements that must be addressed when expanding.

Legalinc partners with law firms, CPAs and large enterprises to manage the Secretary of State Compliance requirements. The company's platform helps clients minimize the compliance risks with smart and efficient automation.

Legalinc has an office in all 50 states and DC. In the event that clients receive snail mail from the Secretary of State, the team provides it to them digitally— Legalinc is one of the very few completely digital and automated solutions in the space. Legalinc, through its Compliance service, regularly follows up with clients in order to file their annual reports and ensures that the franchise tax deadlines are met. It also constantly provides information about the client’s business relationship with the Secretary of State.

The key value drivers for Legalinc are accuracy, speed, efficiency, and cost savings. It works to help customers compete with democratizing services. Legalinc does not market directly to small businesses, but instead to professionals, partners and enterprises that work with small businesses—solving a problem at scale. “A customer would use us because they can organize this niche set of work and be a better business law firm or better partner to their clients,” says Ben Johnson, CTO at Legalinc.
The company is one of the few that has a real-time understanding of the status of compliance. Once the customer’s data is loaded on the platform, it will proactively inform them if there is anything due to the Secretary of State. It also has a reactive component, where the organization is informed when there is any issue with compliance.

Legalinc is extremely brand aware, and in many cases, the technology assumes the brand of the customer. “We provide the technology that enhances the brand of the legal professional, allowing them to leap ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art technologies to manage this kind of law. We also offer a white-labeled solution,” he explains.

There is also a service component that Legalinc offers— data entry for customer data if required. The platform is highly available, scalable, and always-on. Customers only pay for what they use, with the pricing model matching any typical SaaS or on-demand service. If customers require the white-labeled solution, Legalinc offers a monthly subscription. The white-labeled solution takes less than a week to set up, with most of that time being spent on ensuring the branding is consistent.

Legalinc offers customers a dashboard to order filings and see the real-time status of their entities’ compliance. It also offers a robust API stack that is connected to the portal’s interface so that customers can always log in to see the results of their electronic interactions. Legalinc aided a transaction processing company through API integration and has numerous partnerships through its API services, where it works with many different brands.

Legalinc is growing exponentially and is collaborating with a robust pipeline of partners. Legalinc will continue enhancing the software for enterprises and extending the filings to UCC, USDOT, and TIRS filings. The Texas-based company also plans to go beyond filings for the Secretary of State—growing the API stack to appeal to a wider range of organizations and continuing to adapt the software to their needs.


Frisco, TX

Ben Johnson, CTO

Partners with large enterprises, law firms, and CPAs to manage Secretary of State compliance requirements