Ondrej Materna, CEO
Traditionally, the upkeep and inspection processes of a real estate asset involved disparate manual tasks performed by maintenance personnel, suppliers, residents, and property managers. For decades, the process of consolidating information from these parallel courses of action has been one of the most complex problems in property management. Today, even as PropTech solutions try to improve the speed and efficiency of manual tasks, the disjointed modules of property management software suites disrupt property owners from getting a complete picture of the entire process. By developing an end-to-end solution that enhances the efficiency of the overall maintenance process—from inspections to resident charges, CA-based FacilGo found a way to mitigate this disruption. “With FacilGo, property managers gain the ability to receive timely information, collaborate with peers and suppliers, and efficiently move from one step of the process to the next,” says Ken Murai, Founder and CEO of FacilGo.
FacilGo is a maintenance collaboration marketplace where real estate companies and their supplier/contractor partners solve problems, negotiate, and transact. Apart from enhancing maintenance and inspection processes, FacilGo also helps companies manage and execute both the financial and project-related tasks for renovations. At the same time, with its use of collaborative technologies, the company provides a comprehensive solution to direct maintenance staff on actions to be taken and enables property managers to proactively handle the resident queries. “This reassures the owners that operational expenses are proactively managed and high tenant retention/occupancy rates are achieved,” adds Murai.
To highlight the core competencies of FacilGo, Murai explains how his solution helps property managers perform move-out inspections by connecting maintenance personnel to the right provider for equipment/appliance replacements. To achieve this, FacilGo ensures a consistent use of the collected data and optimizes the actions required to purchase the right products, notify the best-suited service vendors, record the newly purchased fixed assets, and manage useful life and warranties for efficient document charge backs. This way, residents can rest easy as they can clearly gain an understanding of deposit retentions while the property management and related parties are updated of all the performed tasks via a common set of matrices. “These dynamic turn matrices allow property management staff to check the progress, budget, and more, to make proactive decisions,” states Murai.

“FacilGo is a maintenance collaboration marketplace where real estate companies and their supplier/contractor partners can solve problems, negotiate, and transact”

FacilGo is the only solution that allows information gathered from each step of a property’s management process to be leveraged in the next. As a result, property managers can create more value in the management of their real estate assets. This ‘next step’ functionality guides maintenance and inspection staff to the right vendors/suppliers based on their inspection results.
With such unparalleled capabilities, FacilGo has ignited several success stories in the student housing, multi-family, and single-family real estate markets. In one instance, the company assisted Wood Partners—the largest multi-family developer in the U.S.—to enhance the speed and efficiency of their property management processes. Wood Partners implemented FacilGo’s procurement solution and continues to work with FacilGo® to develop and implement additional modules that will improve efficiency. Klingbeil Capital Management implemented FacilGo®’s Inspection solution and found that it was so helpful and easy to use that they are looking at other ways in which FacilGo® can help them. Other FacilGo partners include student housing company, RISE, as well as suppliers such as The Home Depot Pro, Maintenance Supply Headquarters, Ferguson Enterprises, and PPG Industries, among others.
Riding on the coattails of a multitude of similar successful collaborations, FacilGo is perfectly poised to transform the way property managers handle the maintenance and renovation tasks of their real estate assets. Moving ahead, FacilGo aims to expand the functionalities of its portfolio by ensuring timely information sharing and offering additional collaboration avenues for its clients. “With this roadmap in place, we plan to improve our platform’s capabilities and build solutions that assist organizations across many markets,” concludes Murai.


New York, NY

Ondrej Materna, CEO

Established in 2014, Legito is a privately held company based in New York. Legito has introduced more than 20 essential inventions in document drafting and management automation. Among others, smart documents (inclusion of documents and questionnaires), data-based default and favorite settings of documents, automated translations and bilingual docs, bundles (suits) of logically inter-connected documents, web-based 100% programming-free (no coding) editor for automation of documents, auto-extraction of data from automated documents, smart documents which can communicate with public registers and other external sources, or real-time document management over automated templates with work-flows and negotiation features. Currently, Legito has clients in 27 countries and is used in about 50 countries by over 100 000 users