Leidit: A Strategic Approach to Managing ITAM Risks

Khayo, founder and CEO
Given the necessity for digital processes to accommodate new modes of working brought about by the pandemic and ensuing security concerns, a giant surge in digital transformation initiatives was predictable. But along with the digital boom came the massive number of remotely located IT assets that constantly needed to be monitored and managed to safeguard business-critical information and increase organizational agility. Hence, the need for sophisticated IT assets management (ITAM) with integrated service, risk, and cybersecurity management started becoming preeminent, for simplifying the life of IT staff to remotely attend to any employee requests faster and better.

Enter Leidit.

At this cross-section of bringing people and technology together lies Leidit. As a premium ServiceNow partner, Leidit is helping organizations digitally transform their workflow for the new business paradigm with the faster and more purposeful implementation of ServiceNow solutions. The company’s motto lies in helping businesses build success on top of the ServiceNow platform and bring extraordinary value to their business in ITAM with an increased focus on cybersecurity and integrated risk management. “With us, businesses can track the health of their technology assets and stay on top of enterprise management, thereby becoming more proactive and agile as an organization,” highlights Alex Khayo, founder and CEO of Leidit.

To that end, Leidit developed the My Assets Built on Now™ application. MyAssets, which transforms ITAM in the digital age and allows clients to keep up with their evolving workforce, finally offers a solution that complements ServiceNow native ITAM by allowing the workforce to proactively certify or dispute their assets and reduces an annual inventory process from weeks/months to days/hours.

How it all began…

Khayo’s motivation for building such a firm first came to light when he was working overseas for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). After leaving USAID, Khayo has also worked with multiple IT consultants over the years. “And as we were working for other consulting companies, we thought we could do better ServiceNow implementations that include IT asset management, IT Service Management, IT operations, and ServiceNow Applications if we get the right people on board and focus on certain areas,” adds Khayo. So this lack of satisfaction with previous employers and their limited services pushed Khayo to found Leidit in 2017 with the mission of harnessing his extensive IT expertise to deliver high-quality solutions while employing a more professional approach to the each ServiceNow implementation. “From the very beginning of our journey, we focused on high-quality service and better customer expectations. Because money will come if you have happy customer,” mentions Khayo further.

Today, Leidit’s ServiceNow solution provides customers an undisputed path to meaningful and sustainable implementations. For example, Leidit’s IT asset management solutions provide visibility to assets that drastically improves decision making and optimizes asset utilization and helps in the reduction of IT costs by automating processes and tracking essential metrics throughout the asset lifecycle. This helps a businesses’ IT governance team to boost their ITAM efforts and inculcate a continuous service improvement culture. “The main challenge of digitalization is not the technology. ServiceNow offers a lot of built-in processes that are based on industry standards like ITIL. But the problem lies in change management; a business can’t just get a solution off the shelf and start using it right away,” explains Khayo.

With us, businesses can track the health of their technology assets and stay on top of enterprise management, thereby becoming more proactive and agile as an organization

To overcome this impediment, Leidit takes a phased approach to familiarize and acclimatize its clients with the new pieces technologies before introducing those on a whole-organization level. “Through this, we take our clients to a point where they have access to proven industry best practices, processes, and out-of-the-box ServiceNow solution to make their ITAM plans a success,” adds Khayo.

Not only that! Leidit also helps its clients in enhancing their cybersecurity measures. Today, in the digital age, as many businesses incur the chances of potential cyber breaches, Leidit takes proactive steps in mitigating these untoward occurrences as much as possible. “With the convergence of cybersecurity into ServiceNow, we are helping our customers become more secure by implementing security operations and integrated risk management,” states Khayo. Notably, Leidit does this by ServiceNow Security Incident Response to increase cyber resilience and vulnerability management while reducing response times, from discovery and initial analysis to containment, eradication, and recovery. In addition, Leidit manages assets issued to organization workers electronically by allowing users to validate their given assets and the assets team to track assets by the user, location, and department. Their application was created to make asset management and the associated tiresome labor easier for the company. The application provides team members and individual users with a personalized view of their assigned assets through a user-friendly interface. “All in all, we have a 4.88/5 rating when it comes to customer satisfaction. This is because of the superior service and ServiceNow solutions that we offer,” claims Khayo.

Such high customer satisfaction score also makes Leidit a top choice for many federal government agencies that are looking to implement ServiceNow ITAM solutions. As a Premier ServiceNow Partner in the public sector, Leidit has so far guided several successful ServiceNow implementations for federal agencies to support their efforts to modernize their IT solutions and to deliver digital service experiences better. Most recently, Leidit attained the ServiceNow Now Platform Product Line Achievement, an attestation to the level of expertise that Leidit has accumulated in ServiceNow Application development. Leidit has several certified application developers as well as experienced and certified consultants in almost all ServiceNow application.

Moving forward, the company will keep pursuing more ground-breaking innovations and drive more growth in targeting the elite partnership of ServiceNow by 2022. In the upcoming months, the company will focus on marketing its assets to increase the existing customer base. “We are going to be focusing on our internal growth (personnel or consultants) to increase the knowledge and invest on our employees heavily with regards to training, the time needed to explore and navigate new products all the time,” adds Khayo. “Altogether, with increasing internal expertise, and adding more expertise as we grow, as well as end up making sure customers are satisfied,” concludes Khayo.


McLean, VA

Khayo, founder and CEO

Leidit is a consulting company helping organizations digitally transform their business with faster implementation and effective adoption of ServiceNow solutions