Leidos Health: Improving Management and Delivery of Healthcare Records and Services

CIO VendorSteve Comber, Group President
The constantly evolving financial reforms are drastically affecting the way healthcare organizations operate. With new federal incentive programs that are designed to improve the quality of healthcare, the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is also witnessing unprecedented growth. “Organizations are being asked to integrate and utilize this EMR data to make better clinical and business decisions. But integration of this data is just not enough,” says Steve Comber, Group President, Leidos Health. “CIOs have to ensure that data from an organization is not only transmitted flawlessly to another, but that it is also being used effectively and securely,” he adds. Using technology to achieve this true interoperability will be critical to improving care and reducing cost. Since its inception, Leidos Health has been working toward this by digitizing medical records and optimizing the integration of technology, people, and processes.

The company teams up with clients to effectively use IT services and solutions to improve the management and delivery of healthcare records and services. Leidos Health leverages its expertise in national security and engineering to support areas such as interoperability, cybersecurity, and large-scale program management. The company’s cybersecurity tools and services provide real-time correlation of data from outside and inside the network in order to visualize and react to actionable information. This includes detection, diagnosis, and remediation of cyber threats, continuous monitoring of internal and external activity with minimal onsight footprint, and risk assessments and analysis.

Leidos Health provides a broad range of services across the federal and commercial healthcare space. “We have deep clinical and technical expertise to support our customers with vendor selection, strategy, design, implementation, and optimization across all major electronic medical record systems. Our professional services help providers meet regulatory requirements, optimize technology for their clinical workflow, improve collections and reduce receivables, while keeping their data safe,” claims Comber.
The company’s revenue cycle experts and methodologies enable organizations to see positive impacts on their bottom line. By evaluating workflows and technologies at all stages of the revenue cycle, Leidos Health is able to eliminate redundancies and standardize processes that result in saving time, money and labor. “We have helped organizations improve their finances through increased cash collections, reduced accounts receivable days, bad debt, and improved clean claim rates,” says Comber.

Leidos Health also has a dedicated practice focused on go-live support that has delivered more than 200 successful golive projects and over 3,800 go-live experts in the past 18 months. “We can provide resources for all applications, and have the ability to scale from just a few to hundreds of go-live support personnel. We can manage the entire project and coordinate logistics, as well as provide a variety of resources from elbow support, physicians and nurses, project managers, and a mobile command center,” says Comber.

Leidos Health understands that technology is an enabler that allows clinicians to improve the quality of care. This is supplemented with a belief that successful projects are based on understanding the key purpose and desired outcomes across the enterprise. “We start all projects with a solid understanding of the business objectives and vision for the initiative. Our approach to consulting aligns process and technology directly with our client’s business and clinical goals,” asserts Comber.

Moving forward, the company aims to work with healthcare organizations to help them solve their most difficult challenges, with a focus on optimizing the EMR, improving population health and patient engagement, ensuring data security, and meeting regulatory requirements.

We start all projects with a solid understanding of the business objectives and vision for the initiative

Leidos Health

Reston, VA

Steve Comber, Group President

Helps clients to effectively use IT services and solutions to improve the management and delivery of healthcare records and services.