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Andre Kaeber, Managing Director
When it comes to the yard management processes associated with the different supply chain companies today, there is a significant lack of visibility due to manual processes. While many companies have placed their best bet to solve the existing visibility predicaments inside warehouses, their overlook on the outside elements—such as traffic jams, weather situations, and other factors affecting global supply chains. Based on SAP HANA technology, leogistics’ digital supply chain solution optimizes and automates the complex supply chain execution processes, and ultimately increases visibility into existing yard management process. “Our main focus is to digitize our clients’ internal and external supply chain systems by delivering an SAP-based solution,” Andre Kaeber, the Managing Director of leogistics GmbH. The company’s solution contains many preconfigured processes for plant and location logistics as well as rail, OEMs and port logistics, and stakeholders are efficiently integrated into their IT system environment.

Built on the principle that IT should follow the business process rather than the other way round, leogistics has developed a flexible business-process oriented solution. This allows the company to configure the processes in such a way that the clients can utilize it seamlessly. In order to meet the needs of different industries, the solution delivers a different set of master data, information level, and prophecies that can assist clients in handling and automating different elements across their yard. Delivered with an innovative user interface and based on SAP U15 latest web technology, the solution can be customized according to the needs of the customers. “Customers always need tailored solutions which are simple and easy to implement, and that’s what we provide,” states Kaeber. In addition, the solution can collect external data from IoT devices and sensors to cater even a higher level of visibility. It can also integrate with various hardware systems which simplifies and automates the yard management process even further. Kaeber mentions, “The solution enables the mapping of processes starting with the registration of incoming modes of transport and persons, the control of site-specific locations, such as parking areas or loading points, to the coordination of means of transport.”

Our main focus is to digitize our clients’ internal and external supply chain systems by delivering an SAP-based solution

What really differentiates leogistics from the other vendors in their flexibility deliver a holistic solution for varied industries. For instance, the company has implemented five different solutions—appointment scheduling, MES integration for loading and quantity calculation, rail course management, TMS, and security installations—in five different areas of a chemical manufacturer. Such examples stand testament for the unique niche that leogistics have carved for themselves in the logistics landscape. The company’s partnership has also helped them is their way towards success. As a certified SAP Service Partner, SAP Special Expertise Partner for SCM, and SAP Value Added Reseller, leogistics can provide its customers with comprehensive support throughout the supply chain. Their clientele includes reputable companies from the high-tech, consumer products/ food, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and logistics service provider sectors. “Together with our parent company Corporate Business Solutions, we provide international SAP customers with the extensive service portfolio of an SAP solution provider and specific expertise for designing global process and SAP system processes,” informs Kaeber.

Going ahead, leogistics will be focusing on enhancing its operations on a global scale. To this end, they have already opened a new office in the U.S. and assembled a competent team of consultants and operators. Strategically, the company will be developing its solution to be cloud ready such that the customers can be provided with an option to work remotely in a simplified and faster manner.

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HERE Technologies and leogistics: Location-based services for SAP Transportation Management

Hamburg / Berlin: Arriving punctually can only those who leave on time. But to start on time, the driver needs to know how long he will need for the track. As in the private sector, this is also a challenge for freight transport in industry or trade. To help customers meet delivery deadlines and find the best transport route, leogistics GmbH, global SAP logistics partner for SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), and HERE Technologies, developer and provider of cloud-based map services, offer a common solution: the Integration of HERE Location Services into SAP Transportation Management (TM). The cooperation uses the HERE Location Services products Fleet Telematics, Geocoding, Maps, Routing and Traffic.

"The goal of the cooperation in the field of transport planning is to combine the strengths of both partners. Thus, in addition to its own services, HERE can also offer their integration through leogistics, while leogistics customers can use the advantages of geodata in the transport planning process with SAP TM - all from one source ", says André Käber, CEO of leogistics GmbH.

Geodata for transport planning and execution

leogistics uses geo information in SAP TM for transport planning and also for leogistics Track & Trace for transport execution. The use of the HERE map data enables a plan-actual comparison. In addition, the indirect integration of HERE spatial data simultaneously increases the accuracy of adjacent processes such as slot booking or factory entry control.

The example process makes it clear: Based on the transportation planning in SAP TM with HERE Location Services, an arrival at the destination was predicted at 9:40. Accordingly, the freight forwarder booked a time window for loading or unloading at 10:00 am in leogistics slot management. Similarly, the truck can enter the factory premises at the earliest 30 minutes before the booked time slot for loading or unloading. The leogistics Track & Trace solution, which is also based on HERE Location Services, compares the scheduled arrival time with the change in arrival time due to unforeseen events. If there are shifts, the time window for loading and unloading as well as the time of factory entry are adjusted according to the real-time data.

"In combination with our solution leogistics Track & Trace, we want to provide our customers with the best data for transport execution. Here are traffic, road blocks, construction sites, truck restrictions such as length, width, height, axle load and dangerous goods as crucial as the timeliness of the road maps. Known by the analyst firm Ovum as the world's leading platform for location-based technologies, HERE is one of the few suppliers of truck routing in Europe to be the ideal partner for us, "says Käber.

"Location-based technology helps increase productivity and efficiency in transportation. With strong partners such as leogistics, we offer fleet operators and logistics companies the opportunity to benefit from our rich portfolio of digital maps and location-based services, "said Bernd Fastenrath, Senior Manager Strategic Alliances at HERE Technologies.

leogistics Integration Services - HERE Location Services

As part of its implementation in SAP Transportation Management, leogistics uses geocoding from HERE to determine the geographic coordinates of a shipping or receiving address. This is a prerequisite for the distance and distance determination, which must be determined for each start-destination combination. It is fully integrated into the SAP standard of the process controller to continue to function in future SAP TM or S / 4 HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management Upgrades. The distance and distance determination is relevant for the punctuality of the transports, the driver's planning to the compliance of driving times and resting times as well as the freight cost calculation on kilometer or hour basis.

By using the API's custom routing functionality, non-public roads, such as private rural roads or yard farms within yard management, can also be entered and parameterized. IT managers have the ability to dynamically turn on and off all parameters passed to the HERE API in a user interface. To make the geo-coordinates of the addresses and the duration and distance figures on the planner's documents more tangible, leogistics visualizes the route on the HERE map material, taking into account the road restrictions in all freight documents and the Transportation Cockpit.

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Andre Kaeber, Managing Director

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