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Alessandro Profumo, CEO
Leonardo, with its strong industry presence, has been playing a crucial role in the avionics space through its innovative and effective solutions related to defense and security. Today, Leonardo is ranked among the leading-edge players in the aerospace, defense, and security sector and is a long-term partner of choice for governments, institutions, and private customers. The company designs and develops technological innovations across a wide array of disciplines, which includes microelectronics for advanced radar sensors, technologies for surveillance and countermeasures, unmanned surveillance, and environmental monitoring activities, to name a few.

In areas where defense and security are required, such as air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace, Leonardo offers integrated solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies with dual-use applications, along with support and training services. With more than a century worth experience, the company manufactures an extensive range of advanced helicopters and high-performance aircraft that are suitable for a variety of missions with outstanding safety measures. The company manages the entire helicopter development and production cycle, including avionics and weapon systems integration.

Besides developing helicopters, Leonardo is responsible for the design, development and production of diverse aircraft, which can be customized according to the requirements of pilots that are assigned to fly with any Air Force. Combining operational flexibility with the robustness needed to accomplish military missions, Leonardo offers multi-mission platforms that can carry out an extensive number of specific tasks, both in civil protection and battlefield support. Equipped with up-to-date airborne systems, the platforms comprise integrated mission systems, radars, sensors, electronic warfare systems, avionic systems, electro-optics, and simulation systems.

To meet different platform requirements and support the pilot in complex and net-centric operational scenarios, Leonardo provides integrated avionic suites, which consist of communication, navigation, identification, and surveillance systems.
The company’s state-of-the-art computer systems offer scalable and modular solutions fit for the next generation cockpits. Some of the solutions offered include ANC platform, cockpit mission display processor, integrated navigation systems, and multifunctional information distribution systems. The company also offers a myriad of performance-based and turnkey type services to support civil and military platforms as well as missions across different domains.

When collaborating with customers, Leonardo lends its support from the initial development phases of the programs – beginning with defining the client specifications and requirements all the way to final validation and post-sales assistance, thereby optimizing the development time and costs. At Leonardo, the team believes that innovation is not the brainchild of a single individual but rather, the result of the sharing of ideas and knowledge among different individuals both internally and outside the organization. The company works alongside universities, institutes and research centers, customers, suppliers, and start-ups during the development of technologies and products. Combined with the company’s expertise, these partnerships help Leonardo develop and improve their technology and solutions portfolio while enhancing their research and development.

Headquartered in Italy, Leonardo conducts its operations across the globe with four domestic markets, the United Kingdom, Poland, and the United States, and has an industrial and commercial presence in more than 40 countries. With technological innovation as one of the cornerstones of Leonardo’s business strategy, the company plans to stay ahead of its competitors by developing innovative products that are fit for the future and cater to the market demands. By 2030, the company aims to explore disruptive enabling technologies by creating a network of Leonardo Labs and achieve 100 percent digitization in all its key processes.


Rome, Italy

Alessandro Profumo, CEO

Leonardo delivers products and integrated solutions based on cutting-edge technologies with dual-use applications, to strengthen global security; protect people, the territories, infrastructures and information networks; contribute to the sustainable management of the environment, urban spaces and climate. The company ensures that customers obtain the most value from Leonardo’s systems through innovative support and training services.Air, land, sea, space and cyberspace: wherever defence and security are needed, Leonardo offers effective solutions in sectors such as helicopters, aeronautics, unmanned systems, defence and security electronics, defence systems, and satellite systems and services.