LeSaint Logistics: Third-Party Logistics Know-How

Achieving competitive advantage, today, is all about effectively managing the complexities of one’s supply chain. It is critical for companies to outsource logistics so that it can focus its core competencies into other strategic business needs. To power the supply chain of clients, LeSaint Logistics, a third party logistics (3PL) provider delivers solutions that streamline and boost the bottom line of companies. From warehousing and transportation to information technology and fulfilment, its supply chain consultants manage the entire network or any facet of it.

LeSaint technology suite adapts third-party information technology systems to provide management and reporting throughout the supply chain, with the accountability and visibility that a company needs to streamline its logistics processes. The solution manages the client’s inbound and outbound shipments, fulfilment and inventory control.

LeSaint’s solution also manages entire transportation process, from order entry and dispatch through logistics management and settlement. The company also offers real-time reporting by providing web-based order and inventory status, transportation management, customized reporting and email alerts.

LeSaint’s logistics experience stretches across a variety of industries to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to help achieve business objectives, lower costs, enhance customer satisfaction and improve competitiveness. In today's competitive global marketplace, businesses of all kinds are looking for ways to maximize efficiency, reduce capital expenditures and increase speed throughout their supply chains. LeSaint has proved to be the effective answer to all these challenges. For instance, Turtle Wax, a retailer of car-care products, was looking for a 3PL company that can deliver customized solutions and flexibility to its retailers. “LeSaint creates value by utilizing technology, intellectual capital and sustainable process” LeSaint brought an understanding of the retail market and created a relationship with Turtle Wax by providing customized supply chain services through its proprietary solutions suite. By tapping its expertise in warehousing, transportation, shipping and return handling, LeSaint engineered custom solution to virtually any supply chain challenge its client was facing.

LeSaint creates value by utilizing technology, intellectual capital and sustainable process

To forward its services, LeSaint has many key alliances that allow the company to give comprehensive logistics solutions. Scanwell Logistics and LeSaint are a strategic alliance that combines North American domestic distribution capabilities with an extensive international worldwide logistics network and technology. LeSaint along with Royal Chemical, a chemical compounder, contract manufacturer and toll blender, provides a closed loop chemical solution, combining the capabilities of manufacturing, warehousing, inventory fulfilment and transportation.

To further expand and improve its chemical supply chain services, LeSaint had acquired Chemical Logistics, a third party provider of warehouse and transportation to manufacturers and distributors of chemical products. With a wide range of chemicals requiring special handling with warehousing and transportation, the coupled service offerings of the two companies and robust technologies provided by LeSaint proves to be imperative for clients in daily operations of distribution.

“For more than 30 years, LeSaint has been developing customized integrated supply chain solutions that help reduce total logistics costs, free up working capital and improve customer service,” says Jeff Pennington, President at LeSaint.

LeSaint creates value by utilizing technology, intellectual capital and sustainable process to deliver flexible, integrated and market focused end-to-end supply chain solutions.

LeSaint Logistics

Romeoville, IL

Delivers solutions that streamline and boost the bottom line of companies.