Level 10: Defining End-To-End Field Service

John Pruban, CEO
With rapid technological advancements and more options to choose from, the field service landscape is broader than ever. Almost any initiative that a retailer tackles —even non-traditional ones, such as big data, omni-channel, mobile, EMV, inventory visibility, and loyalty- -eventually results in the deployment of a technology. As a result, the number of technologies being deployed and supported within the retail store ecosystem is on the rise. This leads to rapid deployments of newer, unknown and more complex technologies with few resources to properly execute them. In order to solve the sophisticated challenges in the industry, Level 10 is aiding retailers in strategies that support their deployments in a timely and cost effective manner. The company manages the different technologies and support needs all under a consolidated umbrella.

Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL, Level 10 offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of the retailers' IT teams in the field service landscape, such as store openings, closings, re¬models, technology deployments and general service calls. “With¬in these, the need for installations, de-installations, wiring, site surveys, certified destructions and various levels of support are ever present,” says John Pruban, President, Level 10. Apart from delivering superior service, Level10 has developed an intimate relationship with a retailer’s stores’ structural characteristics, layouts, hard-ware, and technologies, as well as their personnel. This manifests itself in the form of best practices documentation, dedi¬cated technicians/pro¬ject managers, and a shared online customer portal to communicate within. “We become ex¬tensions of a retailer’s IT team, and not just another installation vendor,” says Pruban. These offer a sense of secu¬rity, commit¬ment and long-term reliability for cus-tomers.

Level 10 also sees a key trend with the challenges facing re¬tailers. Often the retailers find themselves procuring hardware from one source and sending it to another to get staged.
The retailers can also manage one company to complete site surveys, and hire yet another to actually install it. This common pattern results in communication gaps, decentralized data reporting, “re¬active” planning, and unnecessary time pressures if a link in this chain fails to deliver. With its lifecycle services, Level 10 is help¬ing companies save time and money by streamlining these field service operations.

With a vision to create and deliver solutions that allow for an easy and enjoyable work life, Level 10 has dedicated significant energy to both best practice methodologies and their customer portal. The company’s documented quality approaches provide successful ramp-ups when a customer’s project is time sensitive by identifying efficiencies early in the process and producing economies to scale. Level 10’s customer portal is an unceasing venture that delivers powerful communication and reporting tools, such as document sharing, store lists, inventory levels, serialization, warranty management, project timelines, deliverables approval, storage, and invoicing. New features can and are added based upon customer or industry need.

We become extensions of a retailer’s IT team, and not just another installation vendor

Moving forward, Level 10 believes in staying ahead of the competition by listening to the customers and actively demonstrating the company’s mission statement, “to create authentic, engaging and long-term relationships.” The company will develop innovative ways to help the customers solve their challenges by being willing to change the product and service approach to meet the customer’s needs. “People always come first and it starts with our team and ends with our customer, put people first and you will win,” concludes Pruban.

Level 10

Hoffman Estates, IL

John Pruban, CEO

Level 10 is one company, everything IT. The company creates solutions that allow for an easy and enjoyable work life.