Level 11: Transforming Customer Experience in Complex Ecosystems

Joe Erickson, Senior Managing Director of Business Development, Manny Vellon, Partner & CTO and Mat Alancheril, Director of UX & Design
If you ask Manny Vellon, Level 11’s Chief Technology Officer, what his Seattle-based software development and experience design company’s goal is, he says “to deliver an understanding of people.” Understanding that may seem like a strange goal for a tech company, Vellon adds “it’s all about context. Providing this context is what we’re trying to do.”

Memorable interactions and client-customer bonds have become table stakes for any company or organization in a competitive market to acquire and retain customers. But even though providing amazing customer experiences has become easier to deliver thanks to technological advancements, the real challenge is to offer something unique, and to connect with customers emotionally.

Level 11’s answer to this challenge is to help their clients build solutions where information about people and objects in space, and how they interact, works together to create novel experiences that solve real problems and address real user needs. “It’s not only about the technology that we provide our clients, but also the ability for them to deliver experiences and services to their customers, that in turn earn loyalty,” says Joe Erickson, a Senior Managing Director at Level 11.

Despite their relatively small size—about 100 people— Level 11’s solutions are present in some of the largest and most successful Internet of Things deployments. The company has delivered solutions for its clients’ complex ecosystems in industries such as travel, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment and healthcare.

Orchestr8 Platform

To help deliver this in a rapid and repeatable manner, Level 11 has developed a technology platform that provides contextual information to their clients, which helps them form an unmatched bond with their customers.
With this, Level 11 helps their clients transform the way customers interact with their brand. The transformational, personalized, and innovative guest experiences created by Level 11’s experience platform bridges the gap between ‘company’ and ‘customer.’ The relationship it forges is more similar to ‘host’ and ‘guest,’ regardless of industry. This enables hosts to understand a guest’s profile and then serve each guest individually. This builds an unmatched, curated host-guest relationship.

Understanding that technology is only part of the solution, Level 11 couples engineering with design. Most projects have designers and engineers working hand-in-hand. The technology, by knowing where people and objects are in space and time—allowing the designers to create personalized, contextual experiences. This helps to mitigate risk, deliver scalable and repeatable solutions, and allows for the coordinating of multiple disciplines across various partners.

Mat Alancheril, Level 11’s Director of UX & Design, says the key is “collaboration through holistic and symbiotic thinking. Design and engineering working together, each teaching and collaborating with the other, is the best way to deliver maximum benefit to guests.”

Plan, Arrive, Experience, Remember

To support their platform, and to help design the right set of experiences and guest journeys, Level 11 developed their PAER framework: Plan, Arrive, Experience, Remember. From helping with planning and preparation to providing guests with a warm welcome upon arrival, to delivering memorable experiences while in the space, to creating memories that will encourage guests to come back; PAER helps companies extend and enhance their guest relationships.

“The goal for our platform and company,” Vellon concludes, “is to provide new and better ways to answer the question, ‘how can we deliver contextual information about people so that the solutions we deliver provide meaningful experiences?’”

Level 11

Seattle, WA

Joe Erickson, Senior Managing Director of Business Development, Manny Vellon, Partner & CTO and Mat Alancheril, Director of UX & Design

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