Levergent Technologies Real-Time Predictive Manufacturing Intelligence with LogicApps

CIO VendorVenkat Sankaran, Managing Director
The manufacturing ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds with digital manufacturing forming the core of this metamorphosis. Complementing the changing times, Levergent Technologies develops a host of Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), Manufacturing Internet of things (MIoT), for increasing accuracy and productivity in manufacturing. “We are some of the few people who provide end to end platform solutions, from the point of data origin to the point of data analytics, making us different from point solution providers,” remarks Venkat Sankaran, Managing Director, Levergent Technologies. Incidentally manufacturing small tools and control systems also takes shape of Sankaran’s hobby, the repercussion of which is made evident in Levergent’s unique offerings. The company follows a complete wireless approach, bringing down the total cost of ownership, with configurable devices and applications and real-time manufacturing solutions.

In tangent with the digital revolution, Levergent has developed a range of products that collects data from machines. Wireless solutions become the nucleus for Levergent and their solutions are based on Zigbee, an emerging wireless technology—in all areas of manufacturing information, home, energy, and automation. Today, manufacturing takes shape of a complex ecosystem, from the materials being issued in the shop floor to the time it becomes a finished product. It is no longer about acquiring data but predictive analytics of the data which takes eminence for Levergent. The completely wireless approach also brings enormous flexibility, lower cost and faster implementation times when compared to traditional approaches.

“We have also developed an ecosystem of devices and software which integrate and control machine equipment, and writes live digital information on all stages of manufacturing, from kitting trollies, process and part validation using our devices,” says Sankaran.

The company’s LogicApps is a wireless data collection, analysis, contextualization and data visualization platform for real time predictive manufacturing intelligence. As a single platform for manufacturing intelligence, manufacturing Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturing Big Data, Levergent is evolving their platform into an enterprise as well as a cloud solution. “LogicApps is a multi-plant, multi-industry and multi-operation product which improves production, quality and maintenance, bridging the gaps between plant operations and management decision making,” states Sankaran.
While productivity is increased by analyzing the root cause, quality is improved through powerful traceability functionality. The App also turns real-time information to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allowing company executives to make quick and quality decisions for better Return on Investment (ROI).

Add-on modules of mobile quality, mobile maintenance, cost management, energy management, and attendance integration also become a part of the LogicApps Suite. Levergent has also been expanding in multiple verticals by signing partnerships with Global IT players and certain strategy manufacturing and consulting firms as channel partners in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

LogicApps is a multi-plant, multi-industry and multi-operation product that is completely wireless which improves production, quality and maintenance of plant floor operations, bringing real-time visibility

Real-time traceability, improved efficiency and quality, and value for money are assured with LogicApps. For a consumer products manufacturer, use of LogicApps has resulted in 17 percent increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), 20 percent reduction in recycling and 15 percent increase in energy efficiency. “One of the biggest things that we have helped customers achieve is cost reduction in terms of manufacturing and increased efficiency,” says Rogini Ramamoorthy, Head of Global Operations, Levergent. For another automotive manufacturer, LogicApps enabled 60 percent reduction in line stoppages due to adaptation of real-time kitting. The product has been running successfully for the last five years in the verticals of automotive, consumer products.

In the near future, Levergent holds plans of expanding their geographical base to continents like Europe and Asia. In the next 24-36 months, the company envisages on converting their products from an enterprise version into cloud version.

Levergent Technologies

Schaumburg, IL

Venkat Sankaran, Managing Director

Provides robust wireless solutions for enterprise manufacturing intelligence and traceability management targeted at the manufacturing industry.