Lewan Technology: Mitigating Network Security Complications

Fred Cannataro, President & CEO
In the fast-changing, highly complex business world, having a high-speed connectivity is a necessity for businesses today. Building effective network connectivity is proving to be a tough task for enterprises, as it’s no longer restricted to the four walls of an office, but revolves around data centers, endpoints, web and email gateways, virtual systems, and mobile devices. On the flipside, the evolving business network has seen a rapid increase in the number of attack vectors. To defend against these threats, organizations are on a constant lookout for an effective network security strategy. One of the prominent names in this market is Denver, CO based firm—Lewan Technology which delivers best-of-breed networking and security solutions and services that help organizations mitigate business complexities and gain visibility, control and advanced threat protection. “Our wired and wireless network infrastructure services and security solutions keep our client’s network fully protected and secure,” notes Fred Cannataro, President and CEO, Lewan Technology.

Backed by Xerox, Lewan offers business technology and managed services to manage its clients’ IT services, enabling them to keep a track of their business. “We are a local managed service provider supporting Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico market, delivering expertise and a single source for business technology consulting, implementation, service, support and supply needs,” explains Cannataro.

Lewan’s network and security solutions provide reliable high-quality network access to connected users. The solutions are designed with the ability to support business’ network hardware needs as well as provide services to help them with the installation, management, and ongoing support of their critical network services. Lewan’s networking solution manages routers and networking switches, simplifies complex data center infrastructure, and effectively builds circuit connectivity for optimal Wide Area Network (WAN) performance.

“We also combine the mobility of wireless such as Local Area Network (LAN) with the performance of wired networks,” says Cannataro. Lewan’s wireless network is designed to empower client’s employees’ productivity with secure wireless coverage for their business.

Our wired and wireless network infrastructure services and security solutions keep our client’s network fully protected and secure

The company also enables organizations with network security and threat protection. This is done through its solutions’ ability to build highly secure firewall, web and email services to enable mobility and the remote worker.

Today, firewalls acts as an effective defense in protecting network from malicious threats. To effectively run a firewall can be a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive task for organizations. However, Lewan’s Managed Network Security and Firewall Management service reduces the costs and complexity of network security monitoring firewall management. “Our managed network security service experts monitor our clients’ firewalls 24x7 and handle time-consuming updates and patches,” delineates Cannataro. Lewan’s team of network monitoring services experts handles tedious updates, configurations and patches, and saves their clients’ time and money. “Our services provide real-time insight into firewall activity, and our unparalleled compliance expertise reduces the costs associated with meeting regulatory compliance and network security concerns,” adds Cannataro.

Unlike its other market competitors delivering off the shelf network solution, Lewan delivers out-of-the-box solutions that have a clear understanding of all the security challenges that the clients are facing. “We identify, design solutions to help our clients enhance their business operation, and in turn their end-productivity,” extols Cannataro.

Being a resident consulting bench, Lewan comprises of certified architects, engineers and administrators, who work across all verticals and with a large number of ecosystem partners. “Our strategic partnerships with hardware and service providers, paired with Xerox's investment in technology innovation enable customers to monitor network for 24x7, eliminating the need to staff an internal security team around the clock,” says Cannataro.

Lewan Technology

Denver, CO

Fred Cannataro, President & CEO

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