Lexcom Systems Group: Business Transformation through Converged Quality Control

At sixteen, when Bryan’s peers were busy contemplating their college applications, Bryan in partnership with his brother laid the foundation of Lexcom Computers. From a makeshift basementoffice started eighteen years ago, Lexcom has come a long way today.

Taking a different approach from other general managed services focuses solely on managing IT infrastructure, Lexcom focuses on perfecting the balance on three horizons IT service delivery, information management and innovation.

"The problem with a broad approach to IT management is that every business is unique in their expectations for service delivery. When a potential customer comes to Lexcom, we conduct a due diligence process that covers over 200 controls. By the time we are done, we know your expectations. That allows us to put the proper system in place to deliver IT operations as cost effectively as possible while maintaining the flexibility you would expect from building the team internally. While it is easy to focus on IT Service Management, where Lexcom really differentiates itself is its focus on information management and innovating our clients’ business model.” informs Bryan Janz, CEO, Lexcom Systems Group.

When a company approaches Lexcom they come with the sole intention of improving their current state and the company provides what they call transformation consulting. "This is where we begin to find the balance. During the transformation we scrutinize the client’s company from both a business and technology standpoint creating a vision and a plan for the transformation. We look into their position in the market, their finances, their approach to consistent service delivery and what information they have available to them. We are really working closely with the executive team to execute a long term strategy that positions them for the future.” informs Janz.

The company’s focus on innovation is primarily driven through their investment in the development of a cloud first, mobile first quality management platform. What makes the platform unique is that the core platform can be quickly customized to deliver solutionsthat help solve real world problems within our nations critical infrastructure.
CIO VendorBryan Janz, CEO
By applying Lexcom’s quality management platform to infrastructure asset management, they are able to help municipalities solve their capital infrastructure asset management problems by automating the inspection process, formalizing maintenance programs and policy, tracking non-conformances through to resolution and providing real time visibility into the health of assets. The net result is that a municipality now has the ability to respond faster and make informed decisions. “If we can solve infrastructure problems early in the process it will be more cost effective for the municipality. These cost savings, combined with better information will enable them tobetter utilize the available funds in places that best meet the needs of the community.” – remarks Janz. Janz states.

“Looking outside of municipalities, Lexcom is also looking at the application of their technology to other regulated industries. Currently, the company is working heavily in applying their system to pipeline construction integrity, building and facility management, utilities and agriculture. “Where I see our growth coming from is working closely with the industry leaders in these sectors to develop strategic alliances that allow us to add value to their services through information. While a large portion of our focus has been around the human elements, we are already beginning to automate the process through the integration of web connected sensors, robotics and drone technology.”

“Our evolution from being solely focus on IT services to one focused on innovation has really positioned us to add value to our clients. It is no longer focused on selling hardware and software—it is about creating partnerships that leverage the capacity of our team, and our investment in research and development to deliver results,” concludes Janz.

Lexcom Systems Group

St, Regina, SK Canada

Bryan Janz, CEO

Provides transformational consulting, service delivery and information management systems for critical infrastructure and industries that require quality control