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Scott Beasley, Client Director
Software asset management (SAM) has an interesting trajectory beginning with purely managing the software compliance throughout its lifecycle to cost containment. This journey is further influenced by the introduction of the cloud. While it was once thought that cloud would end software management requirements, enterprises are witnessing a completely opposite scenario today. Cloud has added an extra layer of challenge and complexity for enterprises in terms of designing the best cloud strategy. Scott Beasley, Client Director of License Dashboard affirms that SAM acts as an enabler to get the right cloud requirements by giving enterprises the complete overview of the hardware and software in their business environments. “Establishing the core information about the software in use and its users is an essential starting point when planning a migration to cloud,” says Beasley. As a true innovator in the SAM space, License Dashboard provides a centralized platform whereby enterprises can manage their entire cloud strategy. The company also assists clients in understanding and managing the license requirements within the cloud through a single platform. “We help clients manage their cloud migrations, consumption, and licenses in the cloud,” says Beasley.

License Dashboard’s journey started with the establishment of their sister company Phoenix Software when their existing customers approached them for managing licenses and ensure compliance within their infrastructure. License Dashboard addressed the pain point by effectively building an on-premise asset management system for the companies enabling easy tracking and maintenance of assets. Today, the company assists clients in making informed decisions through SAM and license management. “We don’t just deliver technology; we use our managed services to produce clear and precise intelligence.”

The company’s recently launched software management platform—License Dashboard Portal—allows organizations to share software usage monitoring information across business departments without deploying additional desktop applications. Clients can optimize the value of data collated from different products within the platform. Users can then build an accurate and reliable license repository using License Manager.

We help clients manage their cloud migrations, consumption, and licenses in the cloud

The solution allows users to get a single source of truth for all software entitlements and establish the organization’s effective licensing position. “We provide clients the BI they require and give them meaningful data so that they have the right conversations with the right people to drive the right value out of their existing software investments,” says Beasley.

License Dashboard has served the needs of various organizations in the field of SAM for close to two decades. The company recently helped one of its U.S. based clients to find out the value of collective client compliance reports, initiate a rigorous risk register, utilize software to its complete potential and identify cost savings. “Our USP is the fact that we can quickly move from a proof of concept to a fully-fledged incumbent system to realize faster ROI,” says Beasley. License Dashboard offered a swift three-month implementation plan, where the client was able to identify key software vendors taking up 80 percent of their investment or risk register. The customer was able to identify the areas where they could apply cost savings through re-negotiations or maintenance support negotiation by deploying and managing their assets via the cloud.

Beasley envisions License Dashboard as a true enabler; a company that identifies, addresses and manages the challenges in SAM round-the-clock for their customers. The company is also set to offer service provider licensing by simplifying SLAs along with enhanced UI using pro-standard components to increment the user experience, which will pave the way for better customization for each customer. “The market is full of complex asset management systems. Our focus is on streamlining SAM for our customers to save their time and energy,” concludes Beasley.

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Scott Beasley, Client Director

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