LIDP: Simplifying Life Insurance Administration

Kimberly Duke, CMO & Director of Sales
Historically, the life insurance industry has trailed behind in adopting new technologies, however the trend is rapidly changing. More and more, life insurers recognize the potential of today’s tech offerings and the opportunity to bring new levels of agility and customer service to their operations. Carriers now look to core system providers, like LIDP, to provide solutions better equipped to enable the company’s digital transformation.

For almost 40 years LIDP has stayed ahead of the technology curve, offering carriers core systems to help leverage technology to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. With four decades of experience and a stellar track record of success, LIDP has consistently infused its technology, insurance, and business knowledge into its software solutions. Beginning with its original The Administrator solution, LIDP has continued its impressive R&D investment to stay on the forefront of technology, culminating in its most recent offering The Administrator, Titanium Edition (Titanium). Titanium gives carriers the best of both worlds, the proven capabilities of the original offering combined with a plethora of new capabilities to enable a carrier’s digital transformation. The result is a single system from LIDP which can process almost every line of life and annuity business in a modern operating environment that also delivers an exemplary customer experience.

Titanium is designed for implementation and integration simplicity, with the system offering proven stability, portability, flexibility, and scalability to power insurance carriers well into the future.
“The whole system exposes itself to web services, allowing carriers to define the user experience and achieve their digital initiatives,” says Kimberly Duke, LIDP’s CMO and director of sales. “Plus carriers have robust product functionality at their fingertips.”

The whole system exposes itself to web services, allowing carriers to define the UX and reach their digital initiatives

From its inception the company has maintained an unblemished record in meeting customers’ expectations, enabling the company to boast of its record of no client litigation. “Our unwavering commitment to our customers’ business goals is the key driver behind LIDP’s constant growth and long-standing success,” affirms Duke.

LIDP plans to continue to grow and uphold its promise of providing the best software solutions in the marketplace. “Our mission statement continues to ring true today just as it did in the past: the vision to know what lies beyond, the knowledge to bring it into focus, and the mission to make it a reality,” commented Duke. LIDP also plans to continually expand and upgrade functionalities as new technologies become available and as the needs of the industry evolve. The company has found its niche in the life insurance market, and intends to continue to dedicate time, energy, and financial investments to successfully develop innovative solutions that set the bar in the marketplace.


Woodridge, IL

Kimberly Duke, CMO & Director of Sales

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