LieberLieber: Modern Day Enterprise Architects

Daniel Siegl, CEO
Today, Enterprise Architecture (EA) has grown enormously with assorted novel developments. Spurred by the requirement to operate efficaciously, major technical advances are made in all modalities of the EA frameworks. Redefining the EA platform, Sparx Enterprise Architect solution provides ample power and highly customizable tools. It is a reliable, function-rich, flexible and comprehensive modeling tool for UML, SysML, BPMN, and many other technologies.

Houston, TX based LieberLieber focuses on model-based development by using Sparx Enterprise Architect—an adaptable modeling platform. This platform makes it easy for commuters to manoeuvre numerous meetings, eliminating the complexity that is beyond the ability of the human mind and to take effective decisions in a closed cellular array of offices. It is used for the entire development process starting from system analysis, system design, and code generation for embedded systems via system integration to system testing and validation.

Adding momentum, it has an unbeatable competitive advantage for project management, systems development, and business analysis. The software accelerates projects by utilizing re-usable knowledge stored in an open-standards-based framework and enhances team-based modeling, collaboration and planning. It also provides team members with the access to the repository directly from their computer desktops. Any changes to the model or to documentation made during the desktop access is traced and tracked automatically on the fly. Alongside, it supports the team through the entire lifecycle—from business architecture to business requirements to software development i.e., it displays traceability of requirements.

LieberLieber extensions assist users with their work through the Enterprise Architect modeling platform. The extensions, LieberLieber Embedded Engineer, Systems Engineer, and AUTOSAR Engineer for Enterprise Architect optimize the existing features of the software for more efficiency. With decades of experience in the development of tailored software solutions, the firm also offers large multitouch solutions, HTML5 applications for smartphones and classic logistics solutions for mobile industry PDAs.

We are now putting an even more powerful tool in the hands of developers in the embedded environment that has a UML debugger

LieberLieber’s Embedded Engineer Version 2.0 for Enterprise Architect combines automated source code generation with debugging at the model level. It has been developed as a part of the tool chain for developing embedded systems, as only with an integrated solution the model-driven approaches in the development of embedded software can run productively. “We are now putting an even more powerful tool in the hands of developers in the embedded environment that has a UML debugger with which users can synchronize self-written code with the model any time,” explains Daniel Siegl, CEO, LieberLieber.

LieberLieber Model Versioner is considered to be the most significant function in the diffing and merging of different model versions. The 3-way diffing algorithm enables calculation of changes in the current model versions and is finely presented to the user in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner. With LieberLieber Connector, a data integration solution for Enterprise Architect, data from other tools can be integrated into EA model or converted from the model in such a way that other tools can read it and re-use it. Thereby, it eliminates multiple data entries of the same data. These characteristics contribute consistency in data development and help users to optimize time and costs in their project.

The firm offers customers a good master platform to have Enterprise Architecture BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) and software engineering all in one tool. Braced with their advanced sub cultural and high-powered office environment, LieberLieber is all set to initiate new researches in EA market and is indeed destined to be a behemoth in the forth coming years.


Houston, TX

Daniel Siegl, CEO

Focuses on model based development by using the Sparx Enterprise Architect tool to help clients in handling critical software projects