Lifeline Data Centers: Superior and Compliant Data Center Workspaces

Alex Carroll, Co-Founder
Today’s data centers are complex environments which must meet a multitude of challenges. Data centers have long managed and maintained facilities with its focus on regulatory compliance and disaster recovery. With the proliferation of mobile devices and advent of cloud services, data centers have new opportunities to serve client needs. The cost of data center downtime has increased significantly, forcing enterprises to look for wholesale colocation facilities that provide managed services and secure data center workspaces. The Indianapolis, IN based Lifeline Data Centers helps businesses overcome these challenges while also assisting customers in alleviating regulatory burdens.

Lifeline provides outsourced colocation centers to organizations with 99.999 percent uptime, thereby decreasing an enterprise’s data center expenses. The facility ensures secure workspaces for staging, storage, and offices all in the same location, making the overall process much easier. While Lifeline’s colocation centers feature multi-layered security systems, the clients can also have their own customized security. Along with data center space, the firm also offers efficient cooling systems and uninterrupted power distribution customized to client requirements. “Lifeline is highly flexible to work with. We ask our customers for their valuable suggestions and requirements so we can engineer the right solutions for them,” says Rich Banta, Co-Founder of Lifeline. The data centers also provide server management and monitoring services through which customers can save valuable time.

Lifeline’s Cloud Infrastructure service enables customers to save the large capital expenditures associated with deploying their own equipment and maintaining the related software. The firm offers low, manageable operating costs with its customized cloud infrastructure services that ensure a safe and secure business environment. Key benefits include essential high-performance computing, storage infrastructure, and data network carriers with no cross-connect fees. “This allows clients to mitigate the risk of failing or aging systems,” states Banta. To maximize the reliability of clients’ business-critical systems, the company offers a variety of managed services, including a 24 hour network operations center, online backup and recovery with firewall, load-balancing, and switches.

The firm offers low, manageable operating costs with its customized cloud infrastructure services that ensure a safe and secure business environment

“Lifeline’s experienced IT professionals analyze the current infrastructure and future needs to provide strategic recommendations and implementations,” he adds.

Rich Banta, Co-Founder
Lifeline is uniquely positioned to serve the highly regulated markets with solutions and workspaces that comply with the federal law requirements. “We understand our customer’s compliance requirements and adhere to those regulations when implementing solutions,” explains Alex Carroll, Co-Founder of Lifeline. Moreover, Lifeline is FedRAMP compliant and delivers high level data security systems that empower organizations serving the U.S. government.

Lifeline has been successful in leveraging its expertise to deliver solutions in the core areas of cloud infrastructure, as well as the full spectrum of data center services with its industry specific managed services. The company started with a small 3,000 square foot data center. Now, it has more than 120,000 square feet in operation. Scheduled to open in the late fall 2016, Lifeline is building another 60,000 square foot facility in Fort Wayne, IN. “Over the next five to seven years we expect to add another five locations which would start operating by 2020-2021,” shares Carroll.

Lifeline Data Centers

Indianapolis, IN

Alex Carroll, Co-Founder and Rich Banta, Co-Founder

Provider of compliant data center facilities, FedRAMP cloud infrastructure, and managed services.

Lifeline Data Centers