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Scott Lien, CEO
While the best use of information has been a strategy in the corporate world, it has now become mission-critical in the field of research and development. The ever-changing landscape of data in life sciences has presented many challenges and opportunities to the companies in this sector.

Helping life sciences companies gain insight from their data is the mission of LifeScale Analytics. By applying expertise in advanced analytics and data management, the company tackles the issues and helps clients get the most from their data. “At LifeScale Analytics, we help life science organizations architect the process, collect, manage and analyze of research data. We understand that there is no one right set of answers for all companies. We are business biased not vendor biased which allows us to help select the right tools that best meet our client’s needs,” says Scott Lien, CEO of LifeScale Analytics.

LifeScale Analytics acts as a catalyst for life science organizations by integrating people, businesses and data. The company believes in creating methodologies that assist customers to pick the right technology and use the existing tools in a better, effective way to solve problems.
With a committed work force, the company has made imperative advances in the life science market place in the U.S. in less than one year of its spin-off. Recently, their work with a major medical company resulted in the savings of time it took to find life saving donors. What could have taken several months to accomplish can now be achieved in hours. “It’s a real sense of satisfaction when we help companies get where they want to go. But our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from knowing we are helping to save lives and make life better for people. That’s why we are in business,” says Lien.

Lien says that the real challenge going forward lies in educating leadership within the life science industry of the potential that better analytics holds. The LifeScale Analytics’ team understands that good research increasingly relies on good data. They are leaving no stone unturned to educate life science companies about this philosophy.

Going forward, the company is planning to extend its reach throughout the nation. There are countless organizations in pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture and medical device that are doing great research but struggling with their technology. LifeScale Analytics is ready to help them tackle their challenges and ultimately help them make a difference in lives of people.

LifeScale Analytics

Minneapolis, MN

Scott Lien, CEO

Helping life science organizations identify, gather and deliver quality information in order to yield the best results to reach business goals