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Trent Waterhouse, CEO Abilly bookshelf from IKEA is sold every five seconds. However, for many customers, the assembly of the unit unravels a different story. Many customers who refer to the graphical instructions for assembling the unit often find themselves with unassembled pieces hours later.

What if the customers could reach out to the company's contact center where the agents can gain an in-depth view of the customer's environment and guide them through every step of the installation process? This would save the company time and money spent on sending an agent to the customer's location.

Lifesize makes this vision a reality for todays business with intelligent contact center and video communication solutions.

"By video-enabling contact centers, Lifesize helps customer support specialists to be virtually present with their customers to guide them and swiftly resolve their queries in a responsive and intuitive way," says Trent Waterhouse, CEO of Lifesize.

Having revolutionized video communication since 2005, Lifesize ensures that its innovative, video-enabled, omnichannel contact center cloud solution, CxEngage by Serenova, helps businesses reach their customers like never before.

Reimagining Support Services in the Digital Age

Contact centers have evolved drastically from the time of single-line call centers to ones with AI-powered automated chatbots. Today, customers expect personalized services on the go. Concurrently, the new-age contact center agents should not be constrained by geographic boundaries, time zones, or the devices they work on. Contact centers also need omnichannel engagement capabilities that allow them to engage with customers through multiple channels.

Companies must address these requirements within the practical realities of managing their operations. Lifesize's proprietary platform, CXEngage by Serenova, is built to cater to these demands of the new-age workforce.

Lifesize was one of the first companies to deliver a complete remote agent capability to call centers. Since then, the company has been continually enhancing its competencies in the cloud-based contact center space, enabling contact center agents to work from anywhere.
At the same time, Lifesize puts due focus on omnichannel engagement to help contact center agents connect with their customers across voice, video, chat, email, text, social media, and other channels to offer continuous support through the customer's preferred medium.

"Our remarkable cloud solutions come with secure, scalable, and integrated capabilities and full interoperability across multiple channels that help contact centers improve their KPIs and drive better business outcomes while delivering a satisfying customer experience," says Waterhouse.

What truly differentiates Lifesize is its ability to video-enable a client's contact center while providing features like one-click availability, two-way video, screen sharing, and the seamless transfer of video to another agent. For instance, if an internet service provider video-enables their contact center, their customers can use the camera on their smartphone to perform tasks like showing the serial number on the router or the blinking light, instead of waiting for an agent to offer in-person assistance via an expensive truck roll.

Our Remarkable Cloud Solutions Come With Secure, Scalable, And Integrated Capabilities And Full Interoperability Across Multiple Channels That Help Contact Centers Improve Their Kpis And Drive Better Business Outcomes

Lifesize's contact center solutions are setting a new precedence in customer support service in a post-pandemic world. During the pandemic, its video interaction service helped numerous companies offer seamless support services to their customers. While furniture retailers were able to help customers assemble products on their own, telehealth service providers were able to communicate more effectively with their patients and offer better care. Similarly, in the financial services sector, where many people were nervous about visiting the bank in person and meeting their investment advisors, Lifesize's video capabilities helped agents review their customer's portfolios while retaining the much-needed touch of personal interaction.

CXEngage by Serenova can be smoothly integrated with a client's existing contact center operations, systems, and workflows, ensuring an implementation time measured in days and weeks instead of months and years. Being a nimble organization, Lifesize gives personalized attention to every customer. Rather than being just another client to a billion-dollar vendor, Lifesize customers relish the personalized and customer-centric service where all their demands are met with utmost care.

Digitizing Effective Customer Engagement

For a company dedicated to facilitating exceptional customer service, Lifesize leverages advanced technologies to devise solutions that help them stay true to its vision. Lifesize regularly deploys AI-driven workflows in their contact center solutions that enable a customer to self-service their queries. For example, if a customer wants a copy of an invoice, needs to check insurance claim status, or claims a refund for an unsuccessful delivery, they don't have to interact with agents to complete these simple tasks. Instead, they can communicate with AI-powered chatbots built using natural language processing and machine learning capabilities to quickly solve queries in an organized, step-by-step method without human intervention.

Among numerous success stories that have reaffirmed Lifesize as a leading contact center solution provider, their work with self-check-in kiosks across numerous airports is exceptional.
Earlier, passengers who faced difficulty navigating the self-check-in kiosks would wait at the airport for a counter agent to arrive and assist them in solving the issue.

But now, Lifesize allows passengers to press a button on the kiosk screen that will redirect them to an agent who communicates with the passenger through a video window and thoroughly guides them to solve the issue at hand. Through video-enabling airport check-in kiosks, Lifesize offers a quick, digital solution to a common problem faced by passengers at the airport while still retaining that human touch in customer experience.

By Video-Enabling Contact Centers, Lifesize Helps Customer Support Specialists To Be Virtually Present With Their Customers To Guide Them And Swiftly Resolve Their Queries In A Responsive And Intuitive Way

The mastery of Lifesize's contact center solution has been reflected in the Contact Center Excellence Awards in the U.S., where Virgin Pulse, which uses CxEngage as the driving force of its customer support operations, won multiple awards, including Best Contact Center Culture and Best Up and Coming Leader in the contact center industry in the U.S.

An Enduring Commitment to Service Excellence

"We don't want to be your largest vendor; we want to be your favorite vendor," says Waterhouse. "And the way to becoming one is by ensuring service excellence by doing things right the very first time." Whether it is an operational setback or business enablement for contact centers, Lifesize ensures its team is always there to fix those issues with unfaltering consistency in service excellence.

Apart from assisting its clients in delivering refined support services for their customers, Lifesize's innovative cloud-based solutions also help them maintain internal efficiency. As a competitive advantage of deploying the CxEngage platform, clients can reduce their training effort with a single interaction panel, achieve unified omnichannel engagement with global call controls and scripting, and review performance monitoring statistics to gauge agent performance.

Envisioning the way forward, Lifesize wants to keep adding new features and functionalities to its CxEngage platform. It is currently focusing on facilitating quality management and fulfilling regulatory requirements for customer support compliance through the platform. Concurrently, the company is working on new integrations with Microsoft Teams Voice and BYOT while including analytical dashboards via advanced reporting solutions that can give clients a detailed overview of key performance metrics and accordingly improve their services.

Equipped with the necessary technological proficiency and driven by the determination to keep the client's support services up and running at all times, Lifesize will continue delivering secure, high-quality video communication experiences reshaping the customer support landscape


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Trent Waterhouse, CEO

Lifesize is a leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact center and video meeting solutions in over 100 countries. Its cloud solutions connect customers, contact center agents and employees with solutions designed for today’s digital world. The secure, scalable, and reliable solutions with integrated capabilities and multivendor interoperability help businesses achieve better outcomes