LightGrid: Strategic Approach to Network Requirements

David O. Smith, Principal
An Information Technology (IT) Network—the backbone of an enterprise—plays a critical role in driving uninterrupted operations and productivity in an organization. Complex network management is challenged by technology transitions and insertion scenarios that require “next-generation” service delivery. Whether it is technology refresh, transition, insertion, or end of life of equipment issues, an efficient network requires a strategic planning approach.

With innovation at its core, LightGrid is a leader in intelligent service lifecycle management, delivering state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and services with a flexible approach that cuts through bureaucratization and focuses on standardization. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered firm, LightGrid offers value-added strategy and integration, in addition to the implementation of ITSM solutions, coupled with high-end quality processes for service development and management support. Incorporating “lessons learned” and years of experience in enterprise IT support, LightGrid focuses on the delivery of network modernization and processes to develop, deliver, and sustain IT and telecommunication services.

“We provide broad expertise in developing sound programs and network specialists that expertly manage enterprise configurations,” says David O. Smith, Principal of LightGrid. The company’s IT services support span program development, engineering, acquisition, consultation, research development, testing, and evaluation. Prior to deployment of capabilities, LightGrid obtains a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s requirements and their existing infrastructure as the stepping-stone to the implementation process. The mechanism involves working towards a strategic plan with the client involved, ensuring that the stakeholders are aware of the critical decisions regarding the course of action for execution. LightGrid successfully assists customers with valuable insights concerning trends in network innovative, tools, or services, resulting in cost effectiveness and efficiencies through elimination of unnecessary equipment.

“LightGrid is a strategy and technology leader in the arena of ITSM, delivering a one-stop shop experience,” adds David. Embracing the mission of “defending the nation through innovation,” LightGrid responds to the unique telecommunication challenges faced by the Federal Government and DoD.
One such instance would be their role as the lead author of DISN Overarching Technical Strategy or DOTS, which describes the technological roadmap for the evolution towards DoD Joint Information Environment (JIE). JIE aims to combine the multiple DoD networks into a common, shared global network. It functions as an information environment, in addition to being a command, control, communications, and, computing enterprise. It has changed the perspective towards service development, making it the foundation for planning evolution of infrastructure and technology selection.

LightGrid is a strategy and technology leader in the arena of ITSM, delivering a one-stop shop experience

The company is also the lead technical author for DISN Technical Evolution Plan (DTEP). This involves planning and executing strategies to transform separate special-purpose networks supporting transport, packet data, voice, video services into an integrated network, which in turn, supports converged services and applications.

LightGrid is excited to announce their joint venture, Innovative Government Solutions (IGS), with Trace Systems. IGS operates as a HUBZone Small Business, providing capabilities to rapidly deploy host-country cleared engineering staff, end-to-end coalition information systems technical operations, and Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) network operational services globally.

One cannot ignore the vital role of LightGrid’s workforce in providing the experience of high customer satisfaction. The company asserts that the innovation it delivers is also a critical part of their work culture. To promote the same in terms of recruitment, the company is enthusiastic about their partnership with multiple universities. “It is beneficial to get young minds involved as partners don’t have visibility into the young trends from a university standpoint,” explains David.

LightGrid performs constant re-examination and restructuring of their operational methods, which helps them stay ahead as they deliver solutions that focus on creative, strategic approaches towards ITSM and higher customer satisfaction.


Virginia Beach, VA

David O. Smith, Principal and Dean Miroulis, Principal and Alan Sekelsky, Principal

LightGrid, LLC focuses on the unique telecommunication challenges faced by the Federal Government and Department of Defense