Lilien Systems: Unraveling the Hidden Power of Data

Bret Osborn, President
Determined to unravel insights from unstructured data, Lilien Systems a Sysorex Company (NASDAQ:SYRX), headquartered in Larkspur, CA started exploring the less travelled path in Big Data with the intention to help clients to understand which information could be valuable to them and how to monetize the data. “Companies are collecting lots of data, but they don’t know how to make use of different types of data for the benefit of the organization,” expresses Bret Osborn, President at Lilien.

Lilien takes advantage of new database technologies that provide organizations the ability to store vast volumes of unstructured data, allowing it to collect and store weblogs, transaction data and social media data. The data is then aggregated into a common platform that facilitates data mining and analytics.

The payoff of Big Data is deep insight and visualization of key business drivers previously unattainable, delivered quickly and reliably. In addition, the technology offers higher performance, lower cost storage for traditional data sets.

Whether a company is looking to refresh, upgrade, consolidate or transform, Lilien System’s professional services ensure maximum return on client’s IT investments

Whether a company is looking to refresh, upgrade, consolidate or transform, Lilien System’s professional services ensure maximum return on client’s IT investments. It has deep expertise in delivering Proof of Concepts and delivers appropriate recommendations to measure impact; customizes platform based on unique objectives and requirements; and offers Big Data Starter Cluster reference architecture, a turnkey solution to help clients discover the potential of the software within their organization.
Lilien works with the leading vendors and technologies to assess, design, integrate and assure the best solution for client’s business and IT objectives. It helps companies build a strategy to transform a partial or entire data ecosystem. With Lilien System’s offerings clients are able to capture, discover, and analyze high-velocity data by integrating the technologies that will have the most impact for its enterprise; establish best practices designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data; and configure and integrate a Big Data management solution to other areas of IT infrastructure including enterprise computing, virtualization and business continuity strategies. “We help companies alike in building a data model and data strategy that align with metrics and KPI’s so that they can use and analyze their data,” says Osborn.

With almost 3 decades of presence in the market, Lilien Systems specializes in bringing unsurpassed commitment, technical expertise and business vision to each and every customer. The company has a strong hold across verticals such as gaming, financial, insurance, technology, retail, and medical. Lilien Systems enabled one of its clients in the gaming industry to sell virtual goods in real time which was a first time in the history of the customer. By gradually minimizing the time required to check queries from days to hours, and eventually to seconds, the client was able to realize the invested money back in just 7 days.

Lilien Systems is soon launching programs to help clients find a way to use Big Data in analytics without having to invest huge capital at one go and be able to do this more on a monthly basis. “Our solutions are set to be launched in the market all over the world. It is going to be an efficient analytics platform that would give our customers the ability to have a custom solution, yet be able to do it over monthly basis versus a capital purchase,” confirms Osborn.

Lilien Systems


Bret Osborn, President

Offers solutions that focus on business objectives as well as the technology.