Linium: Enterprise Asset Management Made Easy

Dave Howard, CIO
In today’s digital age, inaccurate inventory, wasted resources, compliance issues as it relates to both software and hardware assets present serious consequences if not properly addressed. “To mitigate these risks, organizations need to know their assets in detail, their usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used and configured,” explains Joe Burke, CEO, Linium. In response, Linium, headquartered at New York, offers IT and Software Asset Management consulting services to help clients track their financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure, as well as non-IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

Many organizations lack control over their enterprise assets. “It is not a matter of whether your organization gets audited; it’s a question of when. When it does, the reality is will the organization be prepared to respond to the audit and secondly, will the organization pass the audit? Either way, there can be significant costs associated with a software audit,” says Burke. Understanding the competitive market, Linium employs its better, faster, cheaper mentality as it relates to developing its solutions. “Organizations leverage our rapid deployment and cloud-based solutions to take control of both IT and software assets, resulting in reduced risk and lower costs by understanding your inventory.”

Organizations take advantage of our rapid deployment and cloud-based solutions to take control of assets

By leveraging an enterprise cloud-based solutions, such as Service Now for enterprise IT and Software Asset Management— companies can achieve greater insights into their assets and further minimizes expenditure, and keeps a track of their assets from the time it is deployed. The solution helps in avoiding delays in service and adheres to the compliance issues. The solution records the maintenance activity and helps IT to conduct their audits.
“We help the firms to view the entire software portfolio, from a single pane dashboard and facilitate enhanced governance for greater asset control, easier entitlement tracking and stricter policy enforcement,” adds Dave Howard, CIO.

Furthermore, Linium’s full suite of Asset Management consulting services includes strategic roadmap development, process standardization, software implementation, and training/awareness. In particular, Linium offers Software Asset Management as a Managed Service,which is geared towards transforming organizations from reactive to proactive as it relates to software assets.“Software audits from vendors, such as Adobe, Oracle and Microsoft audits can results in millions of dollars in unplanned expenses.In response, Linium has developed a monthly service that enables how clients to get a quick handle on their assets with real-time dashboards and reports that provide key insights into their current state of assets,” adds Burke.

In one instance, a software audit prompted a global manufacturing firm to enlist Linium’s help to better understand and assess the cost and tracking abilities of their software and license asset management. The firm acknowledged that the amount of money spent on software purchases was out of control and needed to avoid future costly penalties. The firm enlisted Linium’s help to prove that they could self-fund all of their next steps in their business plan. Part of this was helping to diminish their financial cost, and another part was Linium uncovering that they were improperly taxed. As a result of the assessment, Linium identified $3M in cost recovery opportunities and $16M in cost avoidance in software licenses.
Joe Burke, CEO
Forging forward, the firms’ focus will continue to be on the forefront of cloud technologies and thereby pushing the boundaries to deliver services anytime, anywhere. “We continue to focus on ways to show our clients how to modernize their business and solve their operational issues so that they can focus on innovation. We have a systematic way of showing our clients how to consistently grow by combining the best in people, process and technology,” concludes Howard.


New York, NY

Dave Howard, CIO and Joe Burke, CEO

Offers consulting services in enterprise asset management helping organizations track the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure, as well as non-IT asset.