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The rate of technology adoption is bringing radical changes to the payments industry. For the financial organizations that process payment exchange, these challenges are further heightened by increased regulatory pressures and the need to provide services to clients that deliver a hassle free payment gateway. This scenario necessitates the payments process be moved to an SOA model. “Traditionally, Automated Clearing House (ACH) and credit card payments are not elegantly joined in a manner so that a customer may opt to pay by either option with equal ease,” begins Robert McShirley, CEO, linked2pay. With a focus on simplifying the acceptance of ACH payments paired with credit cards, linked2pay addresses these challenges by offering a platform that securely processes millions of transactions, and clearly delivers value to businesses. “Our platform provides the convenience and efficiency of both payment forms, as well as receipt delivery and reporting that can be easily customized,” adds McShirley.

linked2pay offers innovative solutions through service levels which include feature-rich and configurable online forms, mobile, virtual terminal, email, pay by phone and cart checkout acceptance of credit card and ACH payments. “We offer a single platform which bestows the flexibility to move the payment process to an SOA model more strategically. Our change management relies on a time tested process that always centers on well-developed user requirements,” he adds. As a few examples of the robustness of our platform, an organization can send email invoices selectively driven by the data in its A/R systems, deploy online forms for payment completion in minutes, support look-up fields that connect to invoice payments, and more.

The company offers a mobile application which enables clients to configure the fields they want, as well as utilize a data or GPS look-up. This provides the options to greatly expand the application and interface variations, which is similar to the linked2pay portal approach.

The linked2pay platform is built on the idea that the acceptance of payments is a standards-based endeavor. However, each business has special needs while sharing the common interests of faster and simpler payments.
“Our solution platform offers a ‘register and go option,’ which enables the businesses using it to make a wide range of setting adjustments to find their fit, but we also offer a full library of APIs giving a business an even wider range of options to shape into exactly what they need,” states McShirley. “Our SOA approach, combined with this flexible functionality, provides customers the tools to add and adapt to new or pressing payment related requirements without the normal scope of internal projects,” he adds. As a way to easily validate linked2pay's features and functionality, the company provides a live demo so that the viewer can see the simple, yet impressive range of the solution.

Since its inception, linked2pay has helped organizations simplify the complicated processes of offsetting payment related expenses. For instance, linked2pay enables businesses to rapidly add new and simplified payment options that also deliver enhancements to their payment data security. Companies achieve this through security levels for all types of payment methods, encryption, and tokenization of sensitive data. This approach can release a client from having to house any of the sensitive data to perform a payment transaction. “Many of our customers were previously challenged by the management of sensitive payment related data, and that is no longer the case,” asserts McShirley.

Moving forward, linked2pay envisions becoming more ingrained in the technical payments needs of its clients. “We are nearing deployment on 3.0 enhancements to some of our payment acceptance options. These enhancements are designed to make the process of deployment easier while expanding the solution range of each of these options,” concludes McShirley.

Our mobile application enables clients to configure the fields they want to use, as well as utilize a data or GPS look-up


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Robert McShirley, CEO

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