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Curt Lewis CEO
It’s common knowledge that the traditional RFP process is costly, tedious and time-consuming. In addition, most organizations must retain documentation to meet compliance requirements. This process is outdated and cumbersome.

Further, organizations are required to run Request for Proposals (RFPs) to ensure representation of potential suppliers and their proposals fairly. RFPs are costly to develop, time-consuming to construct and weight the questions, review supplier responses, and ultimately make an educated business decision.

RFPs Disrupted

LinkSource has been in the business of helping organizations streamline their processes and network infrastructures in the telecom industry since 1998. They’ve saved clients over $1.6 billion on telecom while managing over $500 million in carrier contracts and more than 150,000 mobile devices globally.

Curt Lewis, CEO of LinkSource, says, “We saw clients struggle over the years with the traditional, yet antiquated, RFP process. We also saw the trend to reduce time and resources required to run an RFP. There had to be a better way, so we decided to build a more simplified, yet fully automated RFP tool that reduced the process down to 60 days or less. DirectRFP® is the answer to these common problems.”

DirectRFP® offers a vast database of existing questions, allowing an RFP to be built within minutes, not weeks.

While there are many RFP tools in the marketplace, most are simply document and time deliverable repositories and do not compare to DirectRFP®.

DirectRFP® benefits and features:
• Online, cloud-based
• RFPs built within minutes, not weeks
• Vast database of questions
• Weights questions and answers
• Ranks suppliers immediately upon completion
• Available to wide range of industries, not just telecom
• Clear audit trail for compliance
• Data retention
• Exportable zip files
• Patent-Pending

DirectRFP® offers a vast database of existing questions, allowing an RFP to be built within minutes, not weeks

LinkSource also offers an entire suite of Telecom Lifecycle Management services, including Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Some full-service options include policy development, policy management and using TEM systems as a single repository to track the activities, which ensures clients have the right tools at their disposal.

One of the largest U.S. public utilities experienced firsthand LinkSource’s ability to help organizations overcome common business problems. They had a vast legacy infrastructure utilizing multiple vendors and through a combination of running an RFP, performing an audit and inventory of their entire network, and building a technology roadmap, LinkSource helped this client reduce their vendor pool by 50 percent, gain a clean baseline inventory, and reduce their annual spend by 15 percent.

Innovation and passion for helping clients streamline their processes and network infrastructures, as well as create efficiencies through technology are driving forces at LinkSource. They set themselves apart by collaborating with clients throughout the entire process, including design, negotiations and implementation all while providing a VIP experience. LinkSource’s agile approach allows them to rapidly adapt to market changes, changes in their client’s business environment and find cost-effective solutions.

The company’s next big step is to provide the same value in Cyber Security. As telecom moves into the cloud, LinkSource believes education on telecom and cyber security risks is imperative, which is why they produced a video series called, “It’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be Hacked: Cyber Terrorism, Security & Telecom.” Find answers to some of the hardest security and telecom challenges facing organizations in today’s always-connected businesses.

LinkSource continues to work with clients around technology and procurement of such technologies as more services terminate in the cloud, which adds the more current issue of securing client privacy and data.

LinkSource Technologies

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Curt Lewis CEO

LinkSource Technologies is “a Telecom and Cyber Security Managed Services Company” that simplifies the complicated procurement processes for businesses of all sizes and industries globally

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