Linnovate: Championing Innovation through Open Source

Lior Kesos, Co-founder & CTO
As an increasing number of organizations migrate from legacy systems to advanced cloud-based solutions, the demand for open source offerings has grown manifold. Microservices architectures and web components are frequently being chosen to replace aging monolithic software at the frontend and backend. This widespread trend is fueling interest in technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenStack, which are flexible, robust, and open source. Spearheading this industry transition towards open source through its mastery over open source technologies, is Linnovate. The company offers high-end services to build and maintain web projects along with the option to migrate legacy systems to more advanced open source platforms without jeopardizing the intellectual property of enterprises. A strong relationship with the open source software company Canonical, empowers Linnovate to address the challenges in cloud environments by offering enterprise level support for OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Ubuntu.

Throughout its 10 years in operation, Linnovate has successfully implemented many innovative projects, the most well-known of which is the MEAN.IO stack—an HTML5 web development framework that allows for the rapid configuration and deployment of websites and apps. The company has launched the latest version of MEAN.IO with Angular 4 and GraphQL support built in, through which it provides a framework for microservices and other options when choosing databases and frontend frameworks. “MEAN.IO has received over 10,000 GitHub stars and is adopted by software giants such as Autodesk and Qualcomm,” states Lior Kesos, co-founder and CTO, Linnovate. Moreover, as a reputed member of the International Drupal Community, Linnovate has contributed immensely to its growth and is a force of innovation in Israel’s Drupal ecosystem. The company’s Openideal innovation platform, which is in use by governments, enterprises, and nonprofits, is a unique blend of Drupal 8, GraphQL, Node.js-based microservices, react, and angular technologies.

Through its innovation prowess, Linnovate has recently launched patterns and reusable abstractions to streamline enterprise operations.
For example, MEAN.IO has been used to create RootBot—a framework to manage enterprise-grade workflow. To redefine the visualization of operational insights through journey maps, Linnovate has launched Recollect—an operational insight platform comprised of Node.js, the open source message broker RabbitMQ, and the ElasticSearch search engine. Another innovation, ReStructure is an “express-based” microsystem platform that uses MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and object storage to demonstrate media manipulation via microservices. The ReStructure system forms the foundation for the RePlay framework which is used to geoindex video content captured by drones, body cameras, and static cameras. Subsequently, the metadata from these videos is extracted and indexed in MongoDB. This captured data is then fed to an Angular/Leaflet web dashboard that allows you to query assets based on the indexed time and location attributes of each video. “We have completed over 300 projects and analyzed more than 1,000 specifications and continue to look for issues that technology can solve,” says Kesos.

One of the innovative projects which Linnovate undertook was for one of Israel’s largest hotel chains. During the process of rebuilding the client’s website, Linnovate implemented a GraphQL-based middleware solution comprising Drupal 8, Node. js, Recollect, Rootbot, and ElasticSearch. These technologies were engineered to work in tandem, in order to provide an exceptional user experience for every guest. The solution empowers guests by allowing them to control most of the actions relevant to their stay—including ordering, opening doors, payments, and lighting—through the use of a mobile application. Many of these actions, such as door locks and lighting were completely automated, and in combination with Linnovate’s unique middleware solution marked their client’s entry into the IoT space.

As a pioneer of open source technologies, Linnovate intends to focus on productizing additional SaaS-based technologies. The company has also set its sights on extending support to more customers across multiple domains through improved documentation, and expanding its operations across the U.S. and Europe. “The market is clear about the need for 24/7 support, state-of-the-art maintenance, and modern upgrades to infrastructure. We intend to take our services to newer heights,” he concludes.


Bnei Brak, Israel

Lior Kesos, Co-founder & CTO

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