Liquid Analytics: Intersecting Predictive Analytics With Mobility

Vish Canaran, Co-Founder
As computing becomes more pervasive with the advent of social business and mobility, every end-user’s interaction counts. The increasing use of mobile devices to interact with organizations through mobile browsers and apps is massively trending.

Liquid Analytics stands at the forefront of two compelling and exciting trends: Mobility and Analytics. Cofounded by Vish Canaran and Lyn Nguyen, the company aims at designing apps that solve business problems and creating value for its clients by engaging and delighting their customers and employees.

From the user interface to predictive algorithms to the behind-the-scenes plumbing, Liquid Analytics strives to deliver software and applications that make field sales teams better at what they do – sell. Powered by SAP HANA, Liquid’s roots are in mobile app design and development.

The initial years of Liquid’s existence saw the creation of several custom mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. Some of the mobile platforms that it serves are iOS, BlackBerry and Android, leveraging their cloud-based servers.

In this rapidly changing environment, costumers need solutions that help them manage their risk and enter market quickly. Liquid Platform is multi-community and multi-application. Whether they are managing a community of one or many, Liquid Platform gives its clients the tools and flexibility to realize the right solutions. The flexible architecture, native gadgets and integrated predictive analytics help Liquid’s costumers develop and manage enterprise grade applications. The company also provides its clients with a single platform where Big Data and predictive analytics meet mobility.

The consultant firm provides full fledged, predefined predictive algorithms for the retail, wholesale, direct store delivery, industrial machinery and financial services markets that can customize businesses accordingly.
Liquid introduces trouble-free consumer principles for its clientele, such as the 90-second or "stoplight" rule, to ensure all apps are intuitive and that its customers can begin using these apps without needing training or an instruction manual.

The firm helps companies mobilize portions of their workforce, such as the sales team, and keep business processes moving and uninterrupted while their employees are on the go.

The firm gradually began crafting its Liquid Decisions line of products, which is now its main source of revenue. Liquid Analytics caters to businesses of all sizes and in all industries with its valuable solutions. Liquid has its own consulting services beginning from software installations, hosting and creating custom mobile applications, which stands as its main money-making inspiration.

This Chicago-based technological firm is adapting the tech trends relevant to all businesses as they continue to become increasingly mobile. Liquid’s solutions, such as Liquid Decisions, leverage the power of predictive analytics, coupled with a compelling user experience, to assist its clientele in achieving game changing benefits in their marketplace. Canaran says, “We look forward to building the next generation of SAP experiences on mobile devices and appliances everywhere.”

The firm believes in highlighting its products, such as Liquid Decisions Sales (LDS) further to be among the top 3 of its kind in the industry. As business professionals become more dependent on their smartphones and tablets, Liquid Analytics will play a central role in building easy-to-use apps for the tech industry.

Liquid Analytics

Jacksonville, FL

Vish Canaran, Co-Founder

Liquid Analytics aims at designing apps that solve business problems and creating value for its clients